Google Phone app gets dedicated 'Video call' option that launches Duo from ongoing call

12 December 2017
The option in question shows up while you make a normal call, and tapping on it launches the Duo app, switching you to a video call.

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  • YoloBS

They should release native video call without app or internet. Like xiaomi and Samsung did with there phone.

  • Bewildered

AnonD-145316, 12 Dec 2017Indeed Windows 10 was miles ahead of other OS, it had the t... moreImagine IOS 11 when tested on iPhone 7 and earlier caused constant reboots, battery depletion, overheating etc, what you don't do is release it,

That was the problem with Windows 10 which Microsoft wanted to be running out of the box on the Lumia 950,

Windows 8 works perfectly, Windows 10 is almost a virus, since the launch of the Lumia 950 in December 2015 no new Lumia has been launched, indeed HP Elite X3 was released in anticipation of Microsoft fixing. W10 which it can't

The right approach was to incrementally develop Windows 8, which is just a piece of software by name

What you see is that Windows 10 in 2 years cannot be fixed or any phones using Windows 10, cannot be upgrade, as by definition an upgrade is a fix

Microsoft simply gave up abandoning phones

Virtually all manufacturers had a Windows 7 phone including Samsung, LG etc , Windows 7 were single core & non expandable

It took forever to release Windows 8 Dual Core & Expandable, by which time only Microsoft / Nokia used Windows 8

Apps follow phones follow OS, so with everything now Android, there was little need for a Windows version.

Malware that Google patch monthly are nonentities on Windows

To be clear this is not Windows is better than Google Android, Apps aside the features being implemented could be & were "promised" for Windows... But this could if Windows 8 were now ceased be on Windows 8
Windows 10 is unfixable that is why Microsoft abandoned the project killing of the DOA, Windows 10 and Windows 8, which still works albeit on no new third party apps

You can purchase a bnib Lumia 950 at a 1/3 of the launch price, but why would you do that given the multiple performance issues, looking when Samsung had the exploding Note 7 they pulled the Note. 7 they did not stop selling phones

  • AnonD-145316

Alien , 12 Dec 2017Do people still use video calls? Yukkk I always reject v... moreActually they do, especially if you have family and friends overseas.

  • Alien

Do people still use video calls? Yukkk

I always reject video calls.

  • Anonymous

Remember kids, say NO to google

  • AnonD-145316

Indeed Windows 10 was miles ahead of other OS, it had the this feature inbuild already. Too bad Windows 10 for phones is being killed because of app gap!