Deal: Pixel 2 and 2 XL are £50 off in the UK and come with a free Google Home Mini

12 December 2017
If you buy from EE you don't get the price cut but you will receive the full-size Google Home for free.

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  • ya boi

£100 cashback on both pixels, carphone warehouse, tomorrow

  • porkataBG

Slayer, 12 Dec 2017Really, troll? You simply don't get it...! It is all about ... more????Google...Money....
I doesnt matter...
This phones are flop...

  • Anonymous

We're waiting for pixel 5 xl

  • Anonymous

The prices for these should be £50 instead of just takin £50 off the final price.

  • mo-ca

same offer is valid for germany as well:
unfortunately we pay way more: 749,00 € (former price 799,00 €)

but the google home mini voucher is included as well ...

  • AnonD-706668

Who will bey this android phone ?? Does Good pixel think itself an iPhone 📱 ???

  • Slayer

porkataBG, 12 Dec 2017flop phones...Really, troll? You simply don't get it...! It is all about the software, Big G isn't really about sales......duh! Google makes its money from advertising, for the most part.....! Keep trolling though, if it gets your rocks off!

  • porkataBG

flop phones...