Rugged Cat S31 is now available in US

13 December 2017
The device is listed on the company's official website for $330.

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  • Ashokrahi

2mp front cam, are you serious ??

  • AdamBoy64

Great to see toughphones still around. There's always a market for them, and I can't see that changing.

  • AdamBoy64

yougetitiright, 13 Dec 2017S8 Active much better choice.I think this is a lot sturdier though. A lot.

  • Anonymous

They should just stick to building bulldozers.

  • Anonymous

Most beautiful spaceship phone! Great job caterpillar

  • yougetitiright

S8 Active much better choice.

  • yougetitright

Ahh those bezels...5'' should be standard.

  • Electrician