Galaxy S9 and S9+ outed in renders and video, see them from all angles

14 December 2017
CAD-based images are now ready for you to feast your eyes upon, and there's even a render video for each device.

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  • AnonD-101351
  • sv4
  • 26 Dec 2017

TheLostWanderer, 17 Dec 2017True, I honestly have no issue finding fingerprint scanner ... moreI definitely agree about the dual camera. Both S9 and S9+ should have it. I always buy the bigger one, but I guess now they want to make a more significant difference between the two, not just physical screen size since even the resolution is the same. They are not officially announced yet, but I guess they will have one more little ace in the pocket to make the + more important than the standard one.

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    • AnonD-83516
    • smH
    • 24 Dec 2017

    AnonD-11851, 15 Dec 2017You buy phone only for the location of fps? Lols! Then just... moreI would laugh but I heard it makes wrinkles.

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      • AnonD-696542
      • rJG
      • 21 Dec 2017

      I've a S8 and I'm eagerly waiting for the S9 but if the smaller version won't have dual camera, it can be a deal breaker for me. I'm not going to buy the bigger S9+.

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        • Mree
        • RK3
        • 18 Dec 2017

        Same old S7 to S8 design.

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          • AnonD-119257
          • SkF
          • 17 Dec 2017

          really hope this will not be the final product. its thicker and same boring design.

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            • kPN
            • 17 Dec 2017

            Things I would love to have on the S8 and S8+

            -Quality dual stereo speakers with the removal of headphone jack
            -Braided and study usb c connector for 3.5mm jack and for charging (not like apple's flimsy ones)
            -Dual camera (already confirmed)
            -Official setting to remap Bixby button
            -3500mAH battery
            -Better RAM management
            -128GB storage option

              AnonD-101351, 17 Dec 2017I really see no sense in this new fingerprint reader placem... moreTrue, I honestly have no issue finding fingerprint scanner on my S8 while holding phone in my right arm, but if you have thicker case... it will be harder to find. Performance wise - S9 will hands down be faster and overall better phone. Estethically - not if you ask me, but it's just my personal opinion. Btw don't you agree that it sucks that you have to buy S9+ to get dual camera? What about people who prefer compact phones or have small hands?

              Btw - even if I had dual camera, I doubt I would benefit much out of it, since my photographing skills are "Point and shoot"...

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                • gyd
                • 17 Dec 2017

                TheLostWanderer, 16 Dec 2017My S8 is awesome, I know S9 will be even better, but I pref... moreI really see no sense in this new fingerprint reader placement, any more than that on S8 series. It's even more awkward and unnatural.

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                  • UD{
                  • 17 Dec 2017

                  As expected. Samsung is really a follower, I mean copycat. Copying iPhone. Single cam for the regular and dual-cam for the plus version. What a shame Lol.

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                    • adel
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                    • 16 Dec 2017

                    no dual cam for s9? it sucks

                      My S8 is awesome, I know S9 will be even better, but I prefer smaller device, and it sucks that you need to get S9+ to have dual camera, and I actually prefer fingerprint scanner position on my S8 over the one on S9. I also prefer it being thinner.
                      But thumbs up for S9 having a HEADPHONE JACK :D

                      But S9 will have faster processor, probs better camera... and on and on. And anyways I don't plan on buying another phone for at least few more years, because I don't even use potential of my S8 fully, and I know it will take years until this phone gets outdated, slow and laggy...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6XU
                        • 16 Dec 2017

                        Better look than S8.

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                          • Andy
                          • 39x
                          • 16 Dec 2017

                          So no under display fingerprint scanner after all...

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                            • Harold
                            • teX
                            • 16 Dec 2017

                            Lol boring, replicated designs..yawn*

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                              • iba
                              • 16 Dec 2017

                              I notice the S9 still has the curved screen and still doesn't implant the on-screen fingerprint scanner.

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                                • AnonD-441601
                                • SH3
                                • 16 Dec 2017

                                Slim like Iphone do they plan multiple batteries to add inside like Apple X?
                                It looks like Samsung S5 from behind.
                                Forward is less ugly than S8 but still looks really bad.
                                As expected S9 will be unveiled early in next year so Shamesung will have more time to work on Samsung X.
                                But no matter how they try they never be as good as chinese phones.
                                If we compare specs and price Shamesung barely touching a tail.

                                  AnonD-3678, 16 Dec 2017It looks too thick. By the way, Nokia and HTC managed to m... moreas long more thickness=more battery. I welcome that actually. up to the thickness of 8.8mm

                                    Kiyasuriin, 16 Dec 2017Have you ever held such a device that you see Reflections? ... morethe Edge variants. forgot to mention

                                      AnonD-669148, 16 Dec 2017Just because something can be done, it is not always the be... moreHave you ever held such a device that you see Reflections? sure. the Galaxy S6 had Mirrorgate due to the fact samsung back then DIDN'T think about the reflection. but S7 and onwards... NOPE. no reflection at all~

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                                        • 16 Dec 2017

                                        Vegetaholic, 16 Dec 2017Probably will be best H1 2018 phones as usualyes yes. and i already know who will be the loser