Sony Xperia XZ2 alleged render shows the bezel-less design

18 December 2017
The phone will no bezels on three sides of its screen, similarly to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

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3D Memorys, 30 Dec 20171- Yes flashlight is an assistance because I have torchligh... more1. Here in my country. Getting a torchlight cost as much as the new 3310 phone. So instead of getting a torchlight. The light from the smartphone is already suffice enough to brighten my path. Which is why I am choosy when it comes to android smartphones?
2. LOL! Even if I don't proven my bias. The smartphone sales tells my credibility. Samsung outsells sony because of additional features that are a hit to the consumer like the GEAR VR. Which allows you to experience VR world. And because the samsung flagship phones like the S8/S8 plus, and even the note 8 is now daydream supported. All of those users are now experiencing a good VR world. Meanwhile, sony only offered buff up camera, and even the slow charging QNOVO tech. So against samsung which have done it better. How can you prove that my words are bias? Even the fast internet connection. Are you sure that everyone in the world has a 1GB LTE connection? Or does even the carrier provide a GIG's of LTE connection anywhere in the world?
3-5 I have a sling bag in me wherever I go. Which carries my powerbank for my android handsets. Meanwhile I have a specialized belt bag that allows me to carry the bulky smartphone. As long as I can do whatever I want with my phone that last a whole day. That is already a good part for me. From the looks of your comment. Are you that puny to carry a bulky phone?

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    sony xperia xz2 release date price

      Foxtrot2Novmbr, 29 Dec 20171. Are you sure that the LED flash is for assistance in pho... more1- Yes flashlight is an assistance because I have torchlight better than using a tiny flashlight and save battery and torchlight is more quality than little tiny LED.
      2- Excuses shown your bias. The or fake.
      3 and 5- You really have a bigger smartphone when you need for those accessories and the weight becomes heavier and lost the handy.

        3D Memorys, 26 Dec 20171- LED flash is an assistance not the best solutions. If y... more1. Are you sure that the LED flash is for assistance in photos? LOL! A lot of people who has smartphones. Tend to use the flashlight on their smartphones on a dark areas. Since they don't have the money to buy a flashlight. A flashlight from the smartphone is suffice for safety when walking in a dark place. And I myself do admit and I don't deny that I have a Nyctophobia. And I can't sleep in total darkness especially if there are suspicious noise in my surroundings.
        2. LOL! With all that hardware specification for LTE connectivity and such. When you are playing games on the mobile. Do you need a fast internet connectivity if the gameplay is slow? That qualcomm quick charge 3.0 doesn't exist on the premium since qnovo battery is present. My Z5 premium dual charge faster since my phone doesn't have that qnovo battery tech. And since it's connected to an expensive 2.4A adaptor. My phone only takes 1 hour and 55 minutes to completely charge the battery. Even when the screen is on and the airplane mode is on. Gorilla glass 5 front and back? LOL! Have you watch the drop test on the XZ premium?
        And other hardware is a meh for me and for everyone since most people don't take slow mo videos. But more on photography. And selfie. Do you know why there are lot of people doing selfies than taking slow-mo videos?
        3. How can you be sure that once the sealed battery phone looses its durability if your phone is using a shockproof case?
        5. Which is why I have a powercase which increases the usage time by a day. Especially when playing intensive games.

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          Another Great SONY flagship beaSt cell!

            Foxtrot2Novmbr, 26 Dec 20171. How can you be sure that those bright flash on a smartph... more1- LED flash is an assistance not the best solutions. If yes it is the best solution than a 10 Xenon flash will be come in for the future, but think about it how many flash need to bright up low light scenes?
            2- 1GB download speed, 4x4 MIMO, 4K HDR, Qnovo technology, Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge, 3D Creator, android Oreo, whole piece graphite sheet for heat dissipation, Gorilla glass 5 front and back, Distortion Rectify, Predictive Capture, 960fps super slow motion recording... Can't you compare the difference?
            3- Removable battery can change easier, but a sealed battery should maximise the durability, other than that is not durable, am I right?
            4- Do you real gotta IOS updates? If you did it, well very nice and great!
            5- You are the real iPhone 7plus user, right? So it is just a battery endurance comparison between XZ1, XZ and I7P. I don't think 75h battery rating is not enough for daily usage.

              3D Memorys, 24 Dec 20171- Yes, the flash is irritating to people eyes and the best... more1. How can you be sure that those bright flash on a smartphone is irritable as the DSLR flash camera if the size of the LED flash on the smartphone is only a size of a nail. While the DSLR flash size is the same as the cookie?
              2. LOL! You think the XZ premium's usability is different from the Z5 premium dual? NO. Both device have IP68 ratings. Both have dedicated 3.5 jack 24 bit/192hz audio. Both have 4k resolution. And both are running on android. With the exception of having a radio on my Z5 premium dual. And unlike the XZ premium or the XZ1. The Razer phone doesn't suffer slow charging. So that premium quality in exchange for a slow charging rate is a NO NO for me. And as for the NO IP ratings on the razer. I could live with that since I have waterproof cases. That are both good shock protection and excellent waterproof protection.
              3. Like I said before. A slow charging is a long charging time. Even if you have 5% or 10% battery life. When the charge reaches at 80%. It would still engage that slow charging mode. Don't change the fact that the voltage limiter activates at 80% because of Qnovo charging. And I don't need a battery life extender since I can repair and replace my non-removable battery on my smartphone. And even if it extends the battery life. In the end. You would still replace the battery on your smartphone.
              4. Is your Z2 running on nougat? NO. Only UI.
              And just like I said before. You still believe that article about slowing down? I have both an Iphone 5s and an Ipad mini 2 which both aren't showing any performance lag. And as long as I get those apps for the latest version. I am happy. Tell me. If there's an app that is only supporting android oreo. And your device is running on nougat. How would you run the app on a lower version of android?
              5. Trolling? Why don't you prove that all of those evidence are fake? And those comparisons link that you've gave me. How about this one?
              note 8(89h) vs XZ Premium (72h) vs XZ1 (82h) endurance comparison
              Lenovo phab2 pro (96h) vs XZ Premium (72h) vs XZ1 (82h) endurance comparison
              While both of these devices are 6 inches bigger. Both device gave far more battery endurance than the XZ1. So why did you add the iphone 7 plus article here if its android were talking about?
              If you want to. How about challenging the iphone 7 plus WITH a battery case versus sony phones? Even if the iphone 7 plus have a mediocre battery life. The 3rd party accessory provides a lot of accessories. One of these is a powercase. So if my math is correct. A 10,000mah powercase plus the 2,900 battery capacity of the iphone gives 12,900 mah battery. So againt the sony devices that you've mentioned. Which do you think has a far more endurace rating? And BTW. Sony XZ premium and XZ1's don't have powercases.

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                My guard these guys keep fighting over sony because of the tech and complaining aboit the camera try to use manual mode??? Man stop being childish. And please stop judging phones until you try them on yourselves. And please stop complaining abput the design just accept it and till the real one comes out thank you. Btw sorry for my bad English

                  Foxtrot2Novmbr, 24 Dec 20171. Why do you mentioned the DSLR flash if the brightness it... more1- Yes, the flash is irritating to people eyes and the best solution for balance the exposure for the background and objects is using the external Speedlite.
                  2- You don't use XZ Premium or XZ1 to compare to Razor, you will change your old minded, plus the IP68+IP58 waterproof is an advantage to prolong the device lifespan from any moisture, that is Premium and Durable.
                  3- You are misleading by the Youtuber, the depleted battery would take a long time for charging to restore the energy, it is normal so never deplete your phone like I always use balance 5% then do the charging, it avoid your battery to do the initial/deep charging and it's a maintenance to extend the battery lifespan for your owns. The link you posted is to mislead people so please don't post again.
                  4- My Xperia Z2 after 3years still get the UI updates. Your iPhone 7Plus will be slow down because the IOS update will prevent the phone from restart due to the aging battery issue.
                  5- I don't waste my life on trolling. Do you know as an anonymous can do much of these jobs, especially from the competitors? Why need wasting my time to trust those trolls? iPhone 7plus (75h) vs XZ Premium (72h) vs XZ1 (82h) endurance comparison:
                  The endurance rating XZ1 is the winner, so is iPhone 7 plus endurance mediocre?

                    Foxtrot2Novmbr, 24 Dec 2017Hardly a proof? Then why XZ premium isn't selling well comp... moreSales alone doesn't mean much little asian boy. That's like saying toyota is better than ferrari because toyota has more sales. That's stupid.

                    What? No benefit of having a 4k display? No video for 4k?
                    Seriously for someone who knows about smartphones im surprised you don't know that there are 4k movies and also youtube is being supported in 4k, for xz premium too.
                    Seriously.. you need lessons on that fact?

                    You talk about ar? Seriously again?! Sony has AR since 2013 in camera kiddo. Even my Z5 has real time AR effects. No it's not anything major on the 1000 dollar imoji machine like apple claims it to be. Also does it have a fingerprint scanner? a headphone jack? No..? aww, for such an expensive super phone it really misses BASIC features. You know, features that even an 150 dollar phone has?
                    Also samsung? You serious? Does the the new phone explodes or not? After the explosions I lost my credibility for samsung. Now called shamesung, or crupsung? pick one :)

                    WHAT? what the actual f did i just read? For someone who uses a smartphone to its full potential im actually surprised you don't know that you can make the contents of any screen smaller from developer options, meaning more stuff are being displayed on the screen, no matter it's resolution or aspect ratio. You really didn't know..? That's funny.. you know for someone who knows about smartphones..

                    As for the asians having accidents on the road, again, get educated on the matter and that's NOT up for debate! Since 2014 there has been an alarmingly increasing death percentage in vastly populated cities and evolved countries because of traffic accidents, like japan for example. As of 2014 there have been more than 4000 deaths because of people not paying attention to their surroundings on roads, AND even drivers not paying attention in front of them. You don't know? That's a fact not a rumour..

                    So.. anything else you need clearing on? Or you done making yourself look uneducated for today? :)

                      Denis Thomas, 24 Dec 2017Your article is hardly a proof as anyone can write a review... moreHardly a proof? Then why XZ premium isn't selling well compared to its other competitors? Try answering that!
                      "As for the warranty they knew it was a water damaged unit, they did exchange every part that was ruined under the warranty." And like I said before. The warranty is already expired! So if there's an internal damage like what I've said. I needed to pay for the parts that will be replaced. Did you get my part about WARRANTY EXPIRATION?

                      Your smartphone usage doesn't change the fact that you literally don't use the smartphone at its full potential. You think that many asians have hit by a car and died because of their focused on smartphones? Where's your basis on that rumor?

                      Reasons why most people go for the iphone is because of long update support, optimized apps and games, and better software service. And for every announcement they made is a sure impact to the community. Just like the ios 11 featuring Augmented reality apps and games. And the iphone X. Which you should've known that it is being bought by the masses even thou it's an expensive device.
                      And the other side, which is samsung. The reason why people took it because of its bigger screen display ratio. The galaxy S8, S8 plus, and even the note 8 has the biggest screen to body ratio. The wireless charging from their models makes it better. And having a support for daydream VR makes it an excellent alternative device. So if apple has the AR. Samsung has the VR. What does sony have to offer against the two most popular features on the smartphone today? Those feature that you've mentioned. On the sony device.
                      4k display. Does any app or video takes the benefit of the 4k display? NO.
                      960FPS camera. Does everyone record their moments on a 960fps? NO. Most people take selfies all the time. And sometimes do a video recording.
                      Stereo speakers? And you think that other smartphones don't have stereo speakers? Check the apple design. Iphone 7/7 plus, 8/8 plus, and even the X have triple stereo speaker system which gives a dolby effect vs dual front facing speakers.

                      "The lenovo against a 4k screen? You serious?! just because it has a big screen? No.. it's not better." And what about the other big screen smartphones like the note 8. If majority of the apps and videos have better optimization on a 1080 and 1440p display. What does the 4k stands out? Only display? HAHAHAHA! Bigger displays means its much more easier to read the text without zooming in. And watching videos or playing games on a bigger display like the 6 inch models and higher would result in less eye strains since you don't focused your eyes. Tell me. What's the benefit of having a 4k display if the contents are only optimized in 1080 or 1440?

                      YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE because you admit that you don't literally used the smartphones at its full potential. Your baseless experience is nothing compared to those people who have handled a lot of smartphones.

                        3D Memorys, 23 Dec 20171- more LED more irritating to people eye, if it is a handy... more1. Why do you mentioned the DSLR flash if the brightness itself is much more powerful than those on a smartphone? To those smartphones with quad LED dual tone flash like the iphone 7 plus. Does the brightness of the flash irritates the taken?
                        2. LOL! I have everything that you've mentioned on my Xperia Z5 premium dual. And the sound itself doesn't meet my expectations. All of which have only met my mediocre standards especially when watching videos. Tell me. How good is the quality of the sony speaker against the razer phone. When the razer phone itself has dolby atmos in it, which btw is good when watching videos or playing games?
                        3. Qnovo charging is not slow? I just show you a video where the charging takes 2 hours and 40 minutes long to charge. And of course, an overnight charge would charge up your phone completely. But the fact that it charge very slowly is the fact why most people buy other phones. Tell me. Where's your proof that your XA ultra charges very fast than other competitors? From the looks of these videos. It charges much slower!:

                        4. "Sony done it better example XA plus and XZ1 compact,". And why do you think that both of these devices aren't selling well compared to the other competitors?
                        "ust like iPhone 7 plus everyone love it even it has the small battery small ram small camera sensor high SAR and slow response after years but people still love it." The reason why people like the 7 plus is because of its long term service updates. Does the sony provide 5 updates on a 5 year old device? NO. And since its apple. It provides optimization at all times. That thing you've been saying that the update is slowing down the iphone is a liar. Why? I own an iphone 5s and an ipad mini 2. Both are running on the latest ios 11.2.1. Did I encountered slow responses? NO. So why would you believe on a report that the update is slowing down the ios device?

                        5. Want another source? This one came from the XDA developers forum:
                        Just because the NFC is turned on the sony device. The charge would be very slow? LOL! Try searching an article that a turned on NFC would slow down the charge of the unit. If the NFC isn't connected or isn't triggered.
                        "Furthermore the S8 and U11 have smaller battery size therefore they must have shorter charging time" Then lets add another phone on the ring. The note 8 which have a battery capacity of 3,300 mah. All the videos said that it takes an hour and a half to fully charge a note 8.
                        So in todays world of smartphone. Does the need of a long battery life is needed? NO! In todays standards. Higher battery capacity smartphones is better. And the alternative is the fast charging. Which BTW don't exist on sony because of Qnovo. There's no reason for having a charge on the smartphone to be slowed down once reached 80%.

                          Foxtrot2Novmbr, 23 Dec 20171. Does anyone with a bigger flash complaint about having t... moreYour article is hardly a proof as anyone can write a review, plus the verge is not a reliable source.
                          As for the warranty they knew it was a water damaged unit, they did exchange every part that was ruined under the warranty.

                          My smartphone usage is pretty low outside, but inside a home or bus no. I'm playing playstation games on the go like tomb raider and medievil, checking my emails and stuff but not all the time.. i have a life. i do use my smartphone to its full potential: but without putting myself in danger. There are places for everything, and the road isn't for smartphones. I want to stay alive not get hit by a car.. like many asians do..

                          Sony smartphones are being ignored.. by the masses! Not by smart people. Most people are going for iphones and samsungs, because of marketing and brainwashing campaigns, not because they are good. And yes a big screen is not for a flagship only. XZ premium has a 4k screen, 960fps video and stereo speakers.
                          The lenovo against a 4k screen? You serious?! just because it has a big screen? No.. it's not better.

                          Think before you type.. don't humiliate yourself.

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                            Ugly design, they keep XZ design but with bezel less screen. What happened with "completely new design" from sony india guy, if Im not mistaken. And it looks like they get rid the bottom stereo speaker. Meh.... I prefer rounded edges like in the Z series.

                              Foxtrot2Novmbr, 23 Dec 20171. Let me ask you. Do all people do night photography all t... more1- more LED more irritating to people eye, if it is a handy camera for a living lifestyle why need more flash to makes eye irritating? Even the professional Dslr don't use the direct flash to capture the low light / indoors photos and it use the synchronisation flash reflect to the ceiling or walls to get a balance exposure and don't flash to people's eyes.
                              2- Sony quality dual front speakers support S-Force Front Surround, Clear Audio+, Dynamic Normaliser and IP68+IP58, do you get these on your smartphone or your promoted smartphone? No? Why should compare with Sony since the simple one every OEM can do, but the more quality speakers is way more R&D!!
                              3- Qnovo charging is not slow, the trolls are without user experience, while my XA Ultra with 2700mah use Qnovo charging quite fast doesn't like the trolls said! And usually I will charge overnight, that's is why the Battery Care is the icing on the cake to me.
                              4- a coin has two sides, no matter what Sony done it better example XA plus and XZ1 compact, the hater still can find the reasons. Just like iPhone 7 plus everyone love it even it has the small battery small ram small camera sensor high SAR and slow response after years but people still love it.
                              5- Your YouTube link is a liar because the tester switch on the NFC for XZ Premium only, this isn't fair to proceed the comparison. Watch the video again for yourself please, it is totally unfair!! Furthermore the S8 and U11 have smaller battery size therefore they must have shorter charging time compared to XZ Premium, this normally not need to trolling. While the 1+5 dash charge will makes the battery ageing faster than Qnovo quality charging battery so Sony is on the right way on battery safer with adopt the Qnovo charge technology.

                                3D Memorys, 21 Dec 20171- More LED flash is not a great solution for night photogr... more1. Let me ask you. Do all people do night photography all the time? And where's your proof that those people who have been flashed by a brighter LED from the smartphone have complained to the owner of that flash?
                                2. "XZ1 and XZ1 compact come with great and louder dual front speakers" Does it beat the razer phones bigger dual front facing speakers?
                                "The competitors still behind Sony because they can not made the loud speakers with IP68 water-resistant." Then why sony smartphones isn't selling well compared to samsung, apple, lg and other competitors?
                                3. And you know that non-removable batteries can be replaced right? "Having a shorter battery lifespan." What's the use of the powerbank? "Sony makes the refinement for the battery charging by adopt Qnovo technology" But also making it charge very slowly. Who wants a smartphone that charges very slowly? That's the reason why sony isn't selling well.
                                4. "it may sacrifice some other spec features." How about making the phone thicker? With that. You don't sacrifice some other spec. And with that. You can add additional features on the sony smartphone.
                                5. Who cares about this websites review? This video proves that it takes far too long to charge the xz premium compared to other competitors:
                                And note that the video shows that all the smartphones isn't being used.

                                  Denis Thomas, 21 Dec 20171. Why would I use the flash on the person when I lived in ... more1. Does anyone with a bigger flash complaint about having their flash ruined the photography? To those who has a bigger LED IC or having two to quad LED flash. Do they all complaint?
                                  2. "Wrong! Sony does cover water damaged phones as long as there is no visible exterior damage. Had 2 times faulty glued units, Sony fixed them no questions asked if it got wet or not." Only in your country. Here in my country. Like I said before. They said that it requires a replacement fee for the IC parts that were damage from the water. You did even mentioned that your unit was submerge in the first place. So where's your credibility in water damage by accidental submerge in a bucket of water? Second, you only mentioned faulty glued units. Where's the warranty that says "it also covers damaged IC parts like the Speaker IC and the 3.5mm jack IC?
                                  3. "None. She still using the charger that was in the box. Why do you need to curry all these chargers? Just curry the charger that's suitable with your phone. In Z5's case it's micro usb (the most common charger)." Did I say chargers? I said cables! CABLES!!!!!!
                                  4. "It depends. Do I have mb or not? Am I in the mood for games or not? I listen to music all the time though, using Poweramp at the highest possible quality. So it depends but it easily gets through the day." HA! You're not on the same level as the asian. Most of us play mobile games wherever we go! So having a greater battery life is a must. Meanwhile, people like you only tend to use the smartphone for music player. So in terms of heavy usage. You don't even match the usage level of an asian. Most of us who use the smartphone everyday tend to last 2 - 3 hours. While most 4k to 5k mah battery smartphones only last 4 - 5 hours. Meanwhile, My sony only last 2 1/2 hours even thou it has a battery life of 3,430 mah battery.
                                  5. "Because xa1 is a midrange, and xz premium is a flagship? Of course xzp would have the most! Sony's xa ultra and xa1 ultra are both midrangers, not flagships like xzp.
                                  " LOL!, that's not a good excuse for a company that isn't selling well. Xa1 is a midrange? Then how about the lenovo phab 2 pro or the asus zenfone ar? Both device are midrange phones yet have a specification of a flagship phones. Why does sony decided that the 6 inch clowns should have a weaker hardware specs than the flagship phones?
                                  "Having a bigger screen doesn't mean it's a better phone." Then why the samsung galaxy s8+, the note 8, and other 6 inch non sony smartphones are selling well? Meanwhile, most of all sony smartphones are being ignored by all people. From this article. They have a verdict that the xz premium isn't worthy of its name:

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                                    Ugly 2018 design, just go back to Xperia Z2 design.

                                      Anonymous, 22 Dec 2017No one need qnovo. people can just go to the service center... moreThis reminds me the Sealed battery VS Removable battery. Someone said the removable battery is better than a sealed battery because the battery damage can easily change a new one, but now someone said the sealed battery is better because they can SIMPLY change a new sealed battery and it is cheaper. Finally, I found that the only best way is to maintain the stronger healthier and durable battery, nothing else!

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                                        3D Memorys, 21 Dec 20171- More LED flash is not a great solution for night photogr... moreNo one need qnovo. people can just go to the service center to replace the battery. They just need to wait maximum 3 days to get their battery replaced. And the replacement cost is very cheap (less than $60). Most people can afford to pay that amount of money once every one or two years.
                                        Qnovo is only usefull for sony because sony has the worst service center in the world, replacing xperia battery would take at least a month.