1.4 GHz dual-core Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo press shot leaks

13 July, 2011
Sony Ericsson seems to be having a hard time keeping their upcoming flagship the Xperia Duo under wraps. We just got another press shot of the dual-core smartphone, along with some juicy rumors about.....

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  • Marc


  • AnonD-13683

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2011and like all sony ericsson phones, this will be more expensive t... moreI have nothing against samsung but if this thing really packs a 4.5" screen, 1.4 dual-core processor,2500 mAh battery, 12 MP camera and of course a better build and looks than the samsung then it sure deserves to have a price tag that is higher.

  • Isyaqoob

The Real KING of smartphones 2011 :)Get down SG2 and save ur ass LMAO..

  • Anonymous

and like all sony ericsson phones, this will be more expensive than samsung galaxy s2.

  • AnonD-11825

Should be a good device. I would personally prefer to see Arc with the same processor instead of Xperia.

  • Ryan

:)Aamazing! I want this as well as N9. Sexy phones.

  • AnonD-3367

Nice, my X10 is looking for a worthy replacement, nothing on the market right now is a worthy replacement, but this looks like it will be, can't wait to get it next year :)

  • Born to Die

This comes from a user of iphone 3G,3GS,Iphone 4, X10,HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD.

Sony Ericsson makes good looking phones. Full Stop.
Specs are not comfirmed, but still anything like this has always been expected. Dual core, Battery, Screen, Anything said above can be possible. I wish it comes soon.

  • chk21


  • B

Dodgy source.

  • agamemnon

great phone! king of the droids!

  • red

whos ur boss now samsung!!!

  • AnonD-5350

looks cheap for sure.. but the specs looks like none of this will be true but the processor maybe

  • Imran

Wat a phone it will bEE
waiting for this Monster to concur the market....
If this phone will have RAM greater than 1G, it will be Superb..

  • Assassin

Sony Ericsson phones are too cool.. But question arises when it comes to battery life.. Just because of this reason i never switched back sony ericsson.. BUT 2500 MAH battery, will compell me to buy this GoD FATHER phone..

  • diego

oh my god this is a monster................ good job sonyericsson.

  • AA

design does not look as impressive as their more recent phones (arc, neo), that is if this beast is even real. 4.5" is now starting to get out of hand, who ever started the race for 'bigger is better' better end it here because soon it'll no longer be a mobile phone, but a pad. Nonethe less I'm please to hear that the Galaxy series will finally get some serious competition from Xperia in the android market. This one might give its rivals a bit of a shake.. if the rumours are true.

  • AnonD-5160

This is a monster....Look at the battery...OMG

  • simple user

well.. that screen + the biggest battery = heavy weight category. i bet ~ 200 gr.

  • louie

is that true? its look like xperia arc...i like it but also xperia ray and w995