1.4 GHz dual-core Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo press shot leaks

13 July, 2011
Sony Ericsson seems to be having a hard time keeping their upcoming flagship the Xperia Duo under wraps. We just got another press shot of the dual-core smartphone, along with some juicy rumors about.....

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  • Anonymous

keiki, 13 Jul 2011Apple lawsuit is coming!!LOL

  • Sony and Nokia!

AnonD-1131, 14 Jul 2011Damn! Even SE is getting a dual-core phone while my fave brand, ... moreLol..gs2 is more like oprah or rupaul...lmao!

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't mind people saying iPhones will perish soon, but i do mind if you guys say Apple in general, If you're talking about Apple you're including all there ipods, and computers which most of these brands don't even have. Other than that, come this phone doesn't come to late...Excitement doesn't last forever Sony Ericsson, for example, your Xperia Pro...Huge Dissapointment, pushed back twice now is it?

  • Anonymous

Let me guess, this will be released Q4.......Of Next Year That Is.

  • AnonD-1131

Damn! Even SE is getting a dual-core phone while my fave brand, Nokia don't even have a 1 GHz phone out on the market. No wonder Nokia is losing a lot of grounds.

Anyway, this phone is a beauty and it makes the SGS 2 look like a crapper seat. SE really knows how to make phones that are pleasing to the eyes.

If the Xperia duo was a person then she is Marie Gillain while the SGS 2 is Chyna. LMAO

  • AnonD-13744

Its rumored to come out by september. Its info is leaked to a lot of outlets now?.

  • AnonD-2540

Ahmed, 13 Jul 2011This phone better than iPhone5 !!! We don't know that

  • Anonymous

A9500 = best SoC in the world

MSM8260 = worst dual-core SoC (outdated architecture)

If this phone has the ST-Ericsson, I'll consider taking it over the Galaxy S II.

  • Ahmed

This phone better than iPhone5 !!!

  • Anonymous

by the time this phone comes out everyone already have a quad-core phone runing 2.4ghz and 500 gb hd space

  • Ashura

Sony and Nokia!, 13 Jul 2011apple is gonna get bitten really soon...lolLet them be bitter no one gives a damm about what Apple thinks or does.they aren´t going to stop Android,they are going to be CRUSHED by it instead period!

  • Sony and Nokia!

Mj600, 13 Jul 2011HMMMMM do i smell a lawsuit from apple.apple is gonna get bitten really soon...lol

  • Ashura

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2011Fake fake fake!Provide proof ir no one will belive you

  • Anonymous

Fake fake fake!

  • ohaiyo

is SE wants this phone to be a best-seller better announce it now officially, so people like me can wait of it, instead of 'settling' for what the current available crop of android phones.

  • maniacks

woah ST ERICSSON'S novathor...its the best harrdware in the market .... \m/

  • Laurynas

keiki, 13 Jul 2011Apple lawsuit is coming!!Yes, it is a really possible variant. :D

  • ahmed

AnonD-8191, 13 Jul 2011Still prefer Galaxy S2... Super AMOLED Plus...me too dont forget also galaxy s2 work divx

and more format thn sony

2500 mAh battery and 12 megapixels? I would want this phone even if it was just a feature phone!

  • Mj600

HMMMMM do i smell a lawsuit from apple.