Xiaomi Mi Max 3 to have 7-inch display, 5,500mAh battery

23 December 2017
There will be two variants - one powered by Snapdragon 630, while the other by Snapdragon 660.

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  • mona

where to get this

  • Aj m Chintamani

Nice mobile

  • Balvinder Singh

Really it's great achievement for the Mi Max 3.
I want to change my previous mobile now, but can wait for that segment.
Can you book a mi max 3 as advance booking.
When you can deliver it.

  • AdamBoy64

This is a really nice phone. I love the bigger screen size.

  • kjutl

Finally! Tablets are going to have specs and low price! And this is regular tablet, but with GSM module, nothing more.

  • AnonD-726509

We don't care about nfc in the most markets it's tottaly useless, we want strong cpu and specs!!! Xiaomi plz upgrade your devices we get bored from SD 625... it's time for SD 660

  • AnonD-309265

I hope they put in a NFC chip as well

  • Samarth N8 808 user

Samarth N8 808 user, 26 Dec 2017Thank God Xiaomi's bulk purchased Snapdragon 625's stock ha... moreSorry, a small correction to my formula. Its not 337/405. It is (Root of 337)/(Root of 405).
Which is around 0.9122.

Which means 7 inch x 0.9122 = 6.38 inch. Roughly the same as Mi Max 2.

  • ketanchi

Xioami that's a great roumer that mi max 3 with 7 inch size and snapdragon 660 processer.if the following Thais cam add then it will be best selling phone in India.

Its size must be 7 inch and resolution is FHD+and pixel per inch must be 400+
Its battery. Must be 6000 mah.
Its shound must be loauder that no one have to buy any other Bluetooth speaker.iy has a big size and helpfull to put more. Speaker.

  • ketanchi

eko kartiko, 24 Dec 2017i hope this use 6-6,5 inch display 7 up too largeThat is not so big bur its use full not to purchase tablet.and helpful.7 inch size is perfect size but it must be FHD+ AND Pixel per inch should be 400,or Highers.its battery should be 6000 mah.and one thing is it will be helpfull if there is a loud speaker. That one should not buy Bluetooth speaker.more size can cover more speaker.id that happen than it make xioami mi max 3 will be POWERHOUSE.

  • Samarth N8 808 user

Thank God Xiaomi's bulk purchased Snapdragon 625's stock has ended. 660 sounds cool. I like the concept.

Guys, I've made a formula to determine the size of a 18:9 phone in 16:9 terms (assuming both bezelless), using pythagoras' theorem.
It is display size (in 18:9) multiplied by 337/405.

So, 7 inches x 337 /405 = 5.82 inches.

This phone will be the same horizontal size as a 16:9 phone with 5.82 inches, which means it will still be somewhat handleable, although mighty tall. It will be slightly bigger than S7 edge width-wise.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2017The Mi Max 3, if the rumor proves to be true (7" screen, 18... moreBy 'wider', I mean larger width when used in portrait mode, which is actually around 90% of the way we use our phones.

  • Anonymous

The Mi Max 3, if the rumor proves to be true (7" screen, 18:9 NarrowView display), can be designed with minimal bezels to have about the same footprint as the Mi Max 2:

Screen comparison
Phone - Diagonal - LxW - Area
Max 2 - 6.44" - 5.61"x3.16" - 17.7in²
Max 3 - 7.00" - 6.26"x3.13" - 19.6in²

Width difference: NEGLIGIBLE ~less than 1.0 mm
Height difference: 0.65"/16.5mm
This significant height difference can be reduced by removing hardware navigation buttons (replacing them with on screen navigation) and reducing top and bottom bezels by about half an inch. Previous Mi Max/Mi Max 2 owners will likely not have any screen adjustment problems if that's the case.
Personally, having owned both the previous Mi Max and the Mi Max 2, I would have wanted Xiaomi to stick to 16:9 aspect ratio like the 6.8" Zenfone 3 ultra which despite the smaller diagonal, actually has a slightly bigger screen area, and displays bigger photos (Facebook), videos and makes full webpage reading (desktop mode) more pleasant due to being wider than any of the 16:9 Max 2 or 18:9 Max 3 configurations.

I say keep size and price about the same. Smaller bezels, and international LTE bands. Nothing bigger than a note 8 here in US, and that's a shame.

  • Anonymous

redmi note5 and mi max3, both are worth to wait.. 😁

  • AnonD-131555

We look forward to it. Good Xiaomi.

  • AnonD-593958

Another budget Galaxy Note alternative in sight.

No use to speculated on rumors/leaks, wait till will be officially release because this rumors and leaks are nonsense and when its released it will break the heart of who have high hope on this Mi Max 3. I realized Xiaomi phone specs rumors/leaks always have very big different when it officially release not like other brand rumors/leaks.

I hope they make it with the 700 megahertz for the 4G that way it will be a complete phone and I will be purchasing it

  • msm5

Finally a damn great news so far