Happy New Year 2018!

01 January 2018

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  • AnonD-441601

Happy new year for everybody.
And praise the chinese because Samsung Apple and Sony going to history books from mobile world.

  • craigjay

happy and prosperous new guys....

  • Henry Heng

Happy New Year from Cambodia! :)

  • Emmanuel

To all GSMArena crew & fans alike; HAVE A GREAT 2018! With so much love from Emmanuel in Nigeria.

  • AnonD-727872

happy wala newyear

  • Anonymous

Happy new year guys.

  • Anonymous

Happy New Year gsmarena team, I wish you health, joy, happiness and success.


  • Anonymous

Happy New year team, waiting for next innovation

  • Me

Happy New Year, GSMArena!
Keep up the good work! :)

Happy New Year, team!

  • AnonD-244086

Im waiting for 2020

My favorite mobile review site. Only site except notebookcheck.net whose review I trust.

  • Anonymous

Happy New Year. Hope 2018 will be awesome for everyone.

  • Inverted Vuouhwons

Happy New Year!! :) :) :)

  • AnonD-361638

Happy new year....

  • jayasri.pradeep

happy new year for everybody .

  • Anonymous

GSMArena ...

Would be very nice to see an ultimate showdown between Pixel 2 XL, iphone X, S8+, XZ Premium , U11+ and V30.
Just like you guys did with S8, G6 and XZP.

- Screen, audio, camera, hardware performance ...

  • Anonymous

Happy new year. I‘m hoping this year will be less war between Fanboys

  • Dragos

Blessed new year!