First render of HTC U12 reveals full-screen display

03 January 2018
The phone might have a 4K screen and Snapdragon 845.

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  • Anonymous

I doubt it is 2:1.

Only Jdi has 4K for mobile. They dont have 4K 2:1.
Must be same screen of XZ Premium.

I bet htc will do like huawei, one 16:9 and another version 18:9

AnonD-493814, 03 Jan 2018Wow. I'd always used HTC handsets until changing to the Gal... moreThat's weird to say HTC Sense's bloated and run to Lagwiz...LOL.
Early 2018 jokes :))

  • AnonD-493814

Wow. I'd always used HTC handsets until changing to the Galaxy S7. I just felt sense was becoming too bloated, and the hardware too lacklustre.

This just might win me back!

  • RaiO

Iphone x

  • Chibo Gebu

Superb.. I just can't wait.. Right now, I'll stick with my HTC U11..

  • Love the Community

4K SuperLCD7 display but no jack and no 2nd USB-C port for compensation.

Please understand that HTC did this to make use of their superior U-Sonic USB-C earbuds. I'd understand. Let's wait for more innovation from HTC. Edge Sense made using or holding a phone fun.

  • Anonymous

Will it be available worldwide? U11 plus is nowhere to be seen (yet).

  • AnonD-483897

Wow I'm interested

no 3.5mm no more HTC for me.

  • Anonymous

Then let‘s see