LG V30 drops to $674.99 unlocked, $150 off

03 January 2018
The unlocked model has only been out in the US since December 1, and it's already receiving a significant price cut.

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  • AnonD-462139

Lg is making very good devices and from personal experience the most value for money ones. Really once you use a LG flagship (Like G6) you have nothing to comment...I don’t say better or not from Samsung, but for sure they are similar, However, when it comes to marketing they are really.. a mess..

  • Gibby

Let's face facts
This is LG's Phablet competitor to the Note Series.
Overall - the Note8 is a better device. I has more features.
The V30 has nothing wrong - it's a very good device
But it's competing directly with a great device.
Until they bring as many features as the Note device range their phablets will continue to be overshadowed.
This is not favouritism - it's just statistical fact.
Haters gonna hate....etc

  • AnonD-723538

Luke5119, 03 Jan 2018Avoided at all costs? My girlfriend is on her 2nd LG phone... more
It's all about personal experience, lets say your first Samsung phone was the note 7. What would your attitude be when it exploded or caught on fire? A bad experience with a brand will obviously result in a negative attitude. Your gf had a great personal experience so she positive and supports LG.

  • AnonD-702955

onlyREAL, 03 Jan 2018LG this year is doing the right thing: dont drop the price ... moreIf they could compete they wouldn't be dropping the price so quickly now would they? The company still has long ways to go to catch up to Samsung and Apple.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-672395, 04 Jan 2018The LG V30 was the Best phone of 2017 ... on Paper. In r... moreLies

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2018Will fall apart or bootloop... Lies

  • Anonymous

Will fall apart or bootloop...

  • Anonymous

Limelightlemons, 03 Jan 2018Honestly I stayed away from lg also but I got this pixel 2 ... moreBoth Pixel and Pixel 2 are made by HTC.

  • AnonD-672395

The LG V30 was the Best phone of 2017 ... on Paper.

In real use, it was something else. It isn't buttery smooth in operation. The Dynamic Range and OIS in Video and Photo were clearly Not Flagship standard. I loved the whole LG Log Profile with Flat Video quality and the SUPERB Grading and Editing interface with Presets and all.
I am disappointing that LG Lied about the video being 10-bit, when Snapdragon 835 could clearly not do 10-bit video, even if it wanted. Or HDR in 4k.

Also, the Glass Lens element was supposed to make images Much Sharper. But the Photo and Video on the V30 is much softer than those on other flagships.

Considering its shortcomings, it was a $600 flagship, since the One Plus 5T is a $500 one.

LG needs to pick up some team members from the Pixel Team and improve things that it promised to.

I am guessing some Smartphone company WILL get 10-bit video in 2018. It just won't be LG.

  • AnonD-218710

Tumultuous launch, Single month price drop, yet to see by end March! How can LG earn when, could not maintain supply chain, sync! Nothing extra about it anymore. V40 in works 2nd Qtr launch. Target 500$ Max!

  • Anonymous

If LG ever consider fixing the broken wide-angle camera lens on about 50% of the G6s, I may consider buying any of their future phones.
Shady company with poor quality control and non exsistant support.

  • AnonD-669148

This is still far too expensive, it is only a PHONE!

Every brand isn't perfect. Every smartphone isn't perfect. It's all about which strengths you prioritize more and which weaknesses you can live with.

I can trash Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and many more if I wanted to. They are all flawed.

  • Anonymous

bananinja, 03 Jan 2018Why man lg phones are very good. The problem is that samsun... more*not good.

This one is worse than its predecessor even (not even kidding ... sadly :/ )

  • AnonD-580901

I really want LG HTC AND Sony to rise in the sales charts.

Samsung and apple are all about advertising

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2018Wait for 2 month more and price will drop to half.$299 still feel expensive.

  • Anonymous

Wait for 2 month more and price will drop to half.

  • Anonymous

onlyREAL, 03 Jan 2018LG this year is doing the right thing: dont drop the price ... moreLG quality aren’t that good used G4, G5, G6, V10 and V20 every single lg flagship has an issue especially with screen that has an image retation and now V30 has again an issue with LG POLED screen that burn in easily.

Luke5119, 03 Jan 2018Avoided at all costs? My girlfriend is on her 2nd LG phone... moreYup. Underrated brand. I actually prefer an LG Blu-ray player over a Sony one because it can recognize more video formats.

Other than the image retention which is an easy fix with black or white theme backgrounds, my G5 and V20 work great for me. I can see myself using them for a solid 5 years thanks to removable battery. My Xiaomi Mi 3 is from 2014 and still works very well for a $250 flagship. That lacks removable battery, microSD slot, and IR blaster. My LGs could last even longer.

Sheep are blinded by marketing and fashion over function from Apple and Samsung. The Samsung cameras are overrated as hell with their yellowish tint in low light. I will never buy an iPhone again after this SE I'm typing from because of Apple's dishonesty and speeding up planned obsolescence. Stick to either LG, Google Pixel, or Sony for life.

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2018Slow sales? Good! LG phones should be avoided ad all costs...Honestly I stayed away from lg also but I got this pixel 2 xl and it's LG made and I actually love it alot, very impressed by LG.