Project Linda is a concept laptop dock for the Razer Phone

08 January 2018
The dock features a 13.3" 120Hz screen and a Chroma-backlit keyboard. It is a concept though, so it may never get a retail release.

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GovindRoobs, 09 Jan 2018Microsoft Invents Others Copy. This shows the Power of Microsoft... moreMicrosoft never invented the concept. They just made their operating system work better in the scenario. That is the whole purpose of them building out their os is to adapt to devices instead of having devices use a different operating system just because of its form factor. And with the power of devices they should be able to transform to other style of devices. They knew they would never keep windows 10 mobile around because it will all become windows 10 eventually with their andromeda shell. But they released a few phones for the purpose of data gathering and to do more work towards their greater goal. Making guinea pigs out of fans. This is going to be the future though and Google and Apple are both going in this direction too.

So we have Samsung Dex for Desktop experience and now Project Linda for Notebook Experience.
For Travelers, business people the laptop dock is a better option.
My Opinion: Dock should contain: Graphic booster (graphic card), Speakers and SDD.
Leave the processor and Ram to the phone.

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Cool & Interesting....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018Looks kinda like the motorola lapdock for motorola RAZRYeah just old concept from motorola, but get a bit update. This is not new concept to those knew tech

Razer is in a dream land. Who will play on Laptop/phone with measly sd835? Or whats how they imagining high-end gaming on a laptops??? :)))) ridicilous

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Anonymous321, 10 Jan 2018damn, the video tempts me to buy a Razor phone!Exactly. I'm not much of a fan of the Razer phone 'cause I'm also not much of a gamer, but this is truly amazing. I'd say that this is much better than DeX since it is a laptop, which means portability is at your disposal.

damn, the video tempts me to buy a Razor phone!

The video associated with this article impressed me.

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Looks kinda like the motorola lapdock for motorola RAZR

Microsoft Invents Others Copy. This shows the Power of Microsoft's Marketing in phones.

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Looks promising

  • Anders

ppczouz, 09 Jan 2018Not an original concept, but since no one got it right so far, i... moreExactly if they push this out and its only compatible with one model then itll never take off, basically a laptop with a 2 year shelf life

Not an original concept, but since no one got it right so far, it might be very popular if executed properly.
I would suggest that they make the phone dock larger and include a special bracket for the RAZER phone, this way it will remain compatible with future phones from RAZR and all they will have to do is produce a new bracket for the phone.

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It would be nice but market is really limited for this kind of device. What if i purchased this and Razor releases a new phone with improved specs with different dimensions. Do i have to purchase another one which fits the new phone.

It definitely looks more interesting than for example, Dex. Atleast that's my opinion. It will be great if it becomes more than just a concept. I just hope pricing will be reasonable, in the end it's just a shell with keyboard, screen and few connectors.

If this concept see the light of the day, i will be a great dock and competitor to samsung dex