LG ThinQ WK9 combines Google Assistant, awesome speakers and an 8" screen

10 January 2018
This is yet another entry in LG's ThinQ line of smart devices, which ranges from speakers to TVs.

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It's called ThinQ... is it a pun? it looks like a prototype, 3D printed at home by a kid for a school project.

If that thickness carries some awesome boomer speakers. and nice bass addons. with a nice 35,000 mAh battery. It's legit. Otherwise. It'd be better be a 2cm thickness device.

Honestly speaking, that does look like a old TV.

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LG is heading forward to the future..
but got lost and was struck in the cave,
someone help LG to escape the cave of the past.

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If this ugly brick is an innovation we heading to flinstons family age :-)

ProJames, 10 Jan 2018It looks like an old CRT display. Haha.The world is innovating backwards smart crt later we will get smart floppy

It looks like an old CRT display. Haha.