Huawei Honor 9 Lite will be Flipkart exclusive in India

11 January 2018
No information on exactly what price tag the phone will carry and when it will be launched (should be this month though).

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  • AnonD-409058
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  • 11 Jan 2018

Everone who is crying for Gyroscope, please note that the hardware is present in the phone but not activated when the device is launched. Once they start updates it is enabled via OTA update. Sounds stupid but that's how it is..STUPID Huawei..

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    • flashz
    • bJi
    • 11 Jan 2018

    Rayan, 11 Jan 2018Huawei plz stop produce phone with Kirin 659, it is to much... morehey the my honor 6x with kirin 655 also has gyroscope ,so its not the issue with the processor as kirin 655 and 659 are a lot similar

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      • Rayan
      • PAX
      • 11 Jan 2018

      Huawei plz stop produce phone with Kirin 659, it is to much! no gyroscope support.

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        • 11 Jan 2018

        Missing gyroscope

          Honor's naming is very confusing 8 Pro, 7X, 9i and now 9 lite.

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            • 11 Jan 2018

            AnonD-715008, 11 Jan 201818k INR. Um, is it even worth it though?No it will cost below 18k as honor 9i is 18k and has bigger screen bigger battery same processor same 4 camera. I think it will cost 13k-17k

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              • 11 Jan 2018

              18k INR. Um, is it even worth it though?