Nokia 7900 and 7500 Prism: all about design

07 Aug, 2007
Nokia today officially unveiled the Prism collection, its latest range of fashionable mobile phones. The Prism collection consists of the Nokia 7900 Prism...

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  • Kardiva

Does this phone has office application and how bout the os

  • Anonymous

this phone looks great !! for quality photos buy a digital camera ..... ... ..

  • Anonymous

perffekt .............!!!

  • Anonymous

if some people dont want this phone so dont buy the phone

  • AJ

Why are there so many haters? There is a reason why they made a new one: PEOPLE LOVED THE PRISM! it's a nice phone. I have a Luna and Prism, looks great together.

  • phonegod

UGLY is a perfect word to summarise a futile effort such as the prism series. sorry prism fans but you are grossly outnumbered this time. coming from designs such as the classic 8910i and 8800 this is truly a step back for nokia. i simply dont understand why they come up with phones with 3.2 and 5 megapixel cameras and then they release others with a measly 2 megapixel one.
nokia needs to rethink their strategy as the n95 was dissappointing as well. having received hundreds of complaints that the phone 'freezes' quite often.
lets see what sonyericsson does with the k850i.

  • SA

Obviously nokia is targeting the same market as all of its previous 70-something range (which is your fashion concious audiences

  • lau'

I wonder what target of customers this phones have?i mean,really,they look like toys...don't like them,although i have to say nokia is no. 1

  • jasonlimjc

Simply ugly!

  • CeLL

4 the motofan ... OLED are the next generation on displays , organic light emiting diode, the bateri of the phone last's more, the LCD will be replaced by oled its a fact 2 use a oled display as a main display 4 a phone. anyway motorola is outdated , old phones,only one idea [razr] 4 year old:))) crapy features , samsung have ideas, but,..very cheap material used 4 phones[made in koreea,same thing ass china ...]

  • John

I now know what phone to buy next, hoping it gets to my kenyan market when I got money to spend. I love the prism design, just takes it out of the norm.

  • Anonymous

dont nokia get it...they are ugly..d first sight of one of these phones makes me turn away..come on nokia..u are on top...dont try to fall!

  • marsovac

N7500 is offered for 320-340 Euros in my country. They've been selling this phone for the last couple of weeks. The live photos from the shop you can check here:­469/Nokia/7500-Prism/1/14

  • Anonymous

Please check your spelling- it is spelled as- P-H-O-N-E-S for cellphones

  • Anonymous

These fones are very ugly man...i am disappointed in nokia for makin such only fones an they are so long tooo

  • Heuteland

Tom, for which company are you working ? Samsung, Moto ?

  • heuteland

Hey just check it... cool video

  • tom

ugliest thing i ever saw. crappy company also!

  • heuteland

Such an outstanding and unusual design; of course for many none stylish people this is too much, but for me it really expresses the state of the art design...
May the boring people go with the Nokia 6300... I will definitely shoot for the 7500... It has it all..

  • Anonymous

hahax>>>>> i would rather keep it on display rather than usse it... they call this state[of-art....?? well might as well get a nokia 6300 for arnd 100euros.....