Google Duo lets you make calls to contacts who don't even have the app installed

12 January 2018
A Reddit user noticed this recently, and shared their observation.

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  • Sam
  • K8x
  • 16 Sep 2022

It's not true . you must invite the contact to Duo before being able to make call with him

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    • AnonD-651224
    • 3n6
    • 14 Jan 2018

    I wish Google Duo would let me make calls, HAVING the App installed...

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      • Lookatit
      • 6s%
      • 12 Jan 2018

      In one way this is awesome but if you look at the other side of things just think what else could be not installed/running without you even knowing it.

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        • AnonD-501105
        • q97
        • 12 Jan 2018

        Did not realize this. This is fantastic to hear.

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          • martan
          • Lfw
          • 12 Jan 2018

          The same works for Google Allo. I find a contact that was supposed to have allo installed (i could write him), but he never even heard about this app. He had a nexus phone as well. And this all happened when the app was just released. So nothing new. Maybe now they just added this support to more phones, because now i can write to friends with samsung phones, that dont have it installed either.

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            • AnonD-24741
            • mY{
            • 12 Jan 2018

            Anonymous, 12 Jan 2018Actually, if you don't need the other party to have it inst... moreIt's probably more to do with reducing bloat and also making sure that all apps are kept up to date. If they're part of the firmware then they only get updates once in a blue moon.

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              • Ng
              • vV5
              • 12 Jan 2018

              I just check my phone on app preview under google setting listed google allo is on

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                • Anonymous
                • IWM
                • 12 Jan 2018

                Actually, if you don't need the other party to have it installed, why not just bake the functionality into the OS so no one will have to install any extra apps on both sides? Or is it cos of some anti-competitive thing preventing them from doing so?