Huawei patents touch-sensitive bezel for smartwatches

12 January 2018
The bezel will have eight touch zones and will work similarly to the Samsung Gear rotating wheel.

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  • vIm
  • 22 Jan 2018

Latest Misfit Smartwatch already has this.

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    • XNk
    • 15 Jan 2018

    to complicated, rotating bezel samsung gear more practical

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      • pt020
      • ncr
      • 14 Jan 2018

      My idea 2 years ago

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        • AnonD-664474
        • KgW
        • 13 Jan 2018

        Great stuff!

          Umm didn't ticwatch 2 use bezel as touch sensitive in order for it to be used for general scrolling?

            If its recognizing touch like screens, for detailed movements, its great. Not that I wish to learn zoom-in/zoom-out techniques. Reminds me of mp3 players and other old tech, where you would need to understand codes of how long to press and how many times... make it natural please.

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              • Nug
              • 12 Jan 2018

              If they aint producing smartwatches like the HW1, well...

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                • AnonD-696124
                • ix9
                • 12 Jan 2018

                awesome huawei, very nice touch, it gives us more control without touching the little screen on smartwatches.

                  They have got some nerve expecting people to learn all these complicated gestures. Good luck to them!!!