Deal: Alcatel Idol 4S with Win 10 for $100

16 January 2018
The phone is discounted on the Microsoft Store from its original price of $300 to $100.

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Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018I would like a new Windows phone if MS would still continue deve... moreMicrosoft will not give up to have an edition of Windows for mobile devices.
But it must probably be maturing a project so that a truly competitive option can emerge in the future.
Because the way things were, it was a matter of time until Windows for mobile devices collapsed.

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018If they put Android on it rather than a dead OS..... Meh, itll j... moreAnd look that has an Idol 4, with Android.
But it is already outdated, since there is the Idol 5.

I think buying the Idol 4s today is the same as buying the Nokia Lumia 505 at the time it was released.

  • AnonD-733410

Already got mine and hooked up with StraightTalk...Went to get my son one and they are sold out....

  • AnonD-508218

Just bought it can’t wair till it arrives!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018No worries, there's no point in trying to explain stuff to an An... moreYeah, i realised it makes no sense talking to him after he, someone that never used other systems, calls me windows phone biased. What is that?:))). Got to be so.e kind of special, if you know what i mean....

  • Kiyasuriin

Frankly? I'd buy it. just to swap OS to Android. I've had Windows phone and though it's very clean.... it felt weird. why having a shrunk version of windows If I can have that on my laptop? (rhetorical question.) the specs are an amazing bang for price. and I'd definitely grab one.

AnonD-696124, 16 Jan 2018Android having the same interface as windows? Windows is like ha... moreWindows phone didn't die of android being better. Nokia lumia 520 was very popular at a time when Nokia advertised a lot and the phone was a big bang for the money. But it was the app support, Poor advertising by Microsoft and High costs of later phones and the lack of efforts by Microsoft that killed Windows Phone.

Jared, 16 Jan 2018I switched to Alcatel Idol 4S Windows from my Redmi Note 3 and I... moreYes Windows Phone is alright for many and has almost all the apps for our daily tasks. I was using the lumia 830 before buying the redmi note 4. Its screen and camera lens broke so I bought The redmi phone.

Too bad it's only for US and Canada. For 100$ I would just go for it and use it as a backup phone if nothing else. But yeah, since Microsoft dropped support for Windows phone it is a tough choice if you want to use it as your daily driver.

  • Chris

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018its going to receive updates till 2020 and has nice specs $100 i... moreIts European variant called Alcatel Idol 4 Pro is available in Microsoft UK store but they ask £420 for it.

  • Jared

GovindRoobs, 16 Jan 2018If this phone was sold in India for this price, I would have bou... moreI switched to Alcatel Idol 4S Windows from my Redmi Note 3 and I never miss my Android phone. I use Awesome Tube for YouTube, ReadIt for Reddit, Grover Pro for podcasts (it syncs my podcasts with my Windows 10 laptop via OneDrive), Perfect PDF Ultimate for editing PDFs, Perfect Dictionary for offline dictionary, FeedLab for Feedly, Bookviser for reading eBooks (it syncs my eBooks & reading status with my Windows 10 laptop), Cover Comic Reader for comics (it syncs my comics with my Windows 10 laptop). Truth be told my workflow has become easier after switching to this phone.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 16 Jan 2018I actually have a flagship;). 835 Snapdragon, 64Gb internal stor... moreNo worries, there's no point in trying to explain stuff to an Android fan. They all just praise it even though it's not that good.
Indeed, all designers agree that the 'material design' is actually a copy of Windows's Metro Design which uses a minimalistic interface with solid colours and clean animations.

After using Windows phones for the past 3 years, with occasionally switching to Android ones, all I could ask myself was: why do people even praise it? The UI is a complete mess, the filesystem looks like a trashbin after you've installed/uninstalled a couple hundred apps. And ads. So many ads. Everything about Android phones is ads. I had no ads on youtube when using my Win phone. Youtube played in the background for a fact, so I could use other apps in parallel. It even played when the phone was locked.
Android didn't even have a dark mode. Or glance screen (always on screen). Or manual camera controls integrated in the stadard camera app. And was never as smooth as Windows.

But since windows phones' life is almost gone, I had to get a new phone. So I got an iphone instead of an android just because quality and functionality matter to me. Still, I would go back to Windows phones in an instant if only there was support for them and app developers would release more apps.

  • AnonD-508218

With Microsoft pulling the plug on these phones, do you think it is a good idea to buy them?

  • Carol

AnonD-696124, 16 Jan 2018Well, stop buying cheap smartphones. For that reason Android One... moreI actually have a flagship;). 835 Snapdragon, 64Gb internal storage, 4GB, ram. Adnroid orero installed;).

Just picked this deal up, great build quality. Have always had a soft spot for Windows Mobile. Thinking about getting a second unit!!

  • AnonD-696124

Carol, 16 Jan 2018As i was saying, ignorance is bliss;). No, android is not better... moreWell, stop buying cheap smartphones. For that reason Android One is going to launch, guess it will fit you. I always carry and buy flagship phones. And i never had a serious issue, never had an App crashing on me since y first Galaxy Nexus, to my Nexus 5, my Oneplus 3T and Oneplus 5T. Never had a single issue, only my nexus 5 which i suffered the famous bootloop problem, which was related to a battery issue.
This year i might try out the Pixel 3, who knows.
And you're probably so biased towards windows phones you only see negative going to android. Then go to OIS if you want that perfectly clean and restricted like windows OS.
Android is open source, there are so many apps for so many different devices at some point there's always something that doesn't work, it's normal.
Since i carry oneplus devices, not a single issue appeared, nothing, nada...

  • Carol

AnonD-696124, 16 Jan 2018Android having the same interface as windows? Windows is like ha... moreAs i was saying, ignorance is bliss;). No, android is not better optimized, is quite the opposite, i never had once an app crashing on me until the first day i used an android more then ever. Better optimized my a**.

  • AnonD-696124

Carol, 16 Jan 2018Everytime i read comments like yours, it reminds me of how, not ... moreAndroid having the same interface as windows? Windows is like having widgets on android, it looks terrible, and that's why it died. And thank god it did.
Why do you think windows mobile died?
Android is way more pratical, way more optimized and way more convenient.
Even blackberry uses android. come on.
Even you are on android now, stop complaining and move on

  • Carol

AnonD-696124, 16 Jan 2018why using a good SOC like that on a windows phone since the that... moreEverytime i read comments like yours, it reminds me of how, not everybody is intelligent, but quite the opposite. Well, what impresses me is how really ignorant people can be. I have used windows for more then 4 years and now, trying android. I cannot stop and see how android is turning into wi dows. Especially it's apps. Plain, simple... stunning minimalistic interface. I can olso not ignore how people are happy with this design and have no idea that this design (so called "material") is actually a windows ripoff and all its simplicity is actually a metro android mix. While old android design fades with an ugly face, people embrace happily the "new" one. I one, do not complain, it feals a bit like home. But ignorance is over what i complain. If people would just give it a real try, windows mobile would have been a huge adversery against android and ios. When this would have happened, we wouldn't have now 1200 € crappy devices on the market, they would have been, way more cheapper.

  • Zero

Between this and the Leeco Le Pro 3 Elite, I'll go to the latter... It still have the Android comunity with them.