Sony Xperia XZ Pro to land at MWC with 4K OLED screen, Snapdragon 845, dual rear cameras

16 January 2018
The company's next flagship smartphone will be packing some top of the line specs according to the latest rumor.

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  • Davood57

Alex89, 16 Jan 2018too good to be true Well said

  • AnonD-664474

I don't think it will be named that way.
It must be a successor to the XZ Premium, so it can only be called as " XZ1 Premium" unless this isn't the true successor, and that the real one would have something even better than just a 4K HDR screen.
Because if the non-Premium flagship already gets the 4K HDR screen, I could imagine the Premium variant to get something even better, maybe 8K HDR for smartphones?

  • AnonD-244086

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018Design is gorgeous.I dont know what are those holes in the display maybe stereo speakers but this phone looks ugly with sony logo on the front and xperia on the back

  • Really?

Sony fans don't want this rumor. LCD is better than OLED for them, Slim bezels? well, they hate that pretty much. They hope it's not going to be 18:9 aspect ratio since they hate that trend also. 6GB of RAM is an overkill they say. But they will be happy about the dual cam setup, the battery and that the phone will cost just almost $1000 but as long as it wont be $1000 or they'll freak out.

  • Alex89

too good to be true

  • Love the Community

Is this the Mirai design we've been waiting for? If it is, I hope BBK would copy this instead of Apple. This is the most appealing design yet!

  • Anonymous

Their cameras always suck so it won't be a hot seller for sure. Especially at that price, it's laughable. In Europe people are long forgetting LG and Sony due to their endless flagship failures the last couple years. When someone buys a flagship they no longer think Sony. They think Samsung Apple Google heck even Huawei

  • Anonymous

4KOLED before Sam?, 16 Jan 2018How come Sony would have 4K OLED before Samsung? Japan-O... moreLG

  • Anonymous

Daany, 16 Jan 2018What is Sony trying to do? Give me a heart attack? OMG I cu... moreWait black friday

  • 4KOLED before Sam?

How come Sony would have 4K OLED before Samsung?

Japan-Oled is still not operational and commercial!

  • Anonymous

Too good to be true!, 16 Jan 2018Too good to be true. Let's not forget we're dealing with S... more4K hdr = true
Oled = low chance
6GB ddr4x = true
128GB ufs 2.1 = true
3430mAh = maybe not
Price = probably

this year it will destroy the competition again

  • anonymous

Sony still on the top of the line wen it comes to design..that's why I love Sony..

If this thing fixes Sony's previous issues (camera, bezels, out-dated software design, etc.) I would buy it in an instance! Sony nailed it with software updates last year.

  • Anonymous

This’d renders look really great. Please Sony, just make it exactly like that. It would also be in line with the new XA2 Ultra Design. And with below screen fingerprint scanner, it would be amazing

  • UnderScreen

The only thing missing is under-screen fingerprint reader.

But 4K OLED is great!

What is Sony trying to do? Give me a heart attack? OMG I currently can't afford it at that price... I so want to upgrade my XZ to this beauty and beast in one right now. I want to cry... OH GREAT SONY, forgive our sins and lead us not into temptation. OMG... Ok I need to get a hold of myself, I'm lossing it.

  • Too good to be true!

Too good to be true.
Let's not forget we're dealing with Sony here, who is always behind.
And suddenly an OLED screen? And a 4K one? And 6GB ram?

I wish it would be true!

And I hope they still keep the front stereo speakers!

  • AnonD-85136


  • AnonD-529878

If this looks like on those pics, the phone is gonna be gorgeous and ofc great hardware.