Sony Xperia XZ Pro to land at MWC with 4K OLED screen, Snapdragon 845, dual rear cameras

16 January 2018
The company's next flagship smartphone will be packing some top of the line specs according to the latest rumor.

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  • kunal

Except 18:9 aspect ratio, everything is perfect. Waiting for this "Beauty & Beast".

  • Anonymous

Phone was certified..

It is 16:9

  • guv94

Not sure if I like the speaker holes, but apart from that, quite nice!

  • AnonD-463101

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2018Design is's a concept not an official render . the real thing will dull and meh like all sony phones

  • Anonymous

Thanks Sony, I did not want to upgrade my XZP right away but this is tempting...

  • AnonD-718903

I was hoping Sony wouldn't go for "tall" screen. You can make perfectly modern looking all screen phone with 16:9 screen.

  • Anonymous

Design is gorgeous.