Google shows design prototypes of the Pixel 2 in an interview with the lead designer

18 January 2018
The Pixel 2 and other Google hardware wants to be pleasant for humans to use - hence all the soft-touch materials.

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  • 19 Jan 2018

What for? The worse phone ever after note7

    The first iPhone was inspired by Braun designer Dieter Rams and Sony Clie industrial design. Google seems to borrow more from the former, Braun, and some Scandinavian and Danish two-tone color schemes, and it's pretty good. Especially with the orange colored power button. And the earthy fabrics, but dudes I'll never use a fabric case, haha. In the end the XL2 only suffered because of crummy LG screens, which supposedly are improving, maybe. The smaller Pixel just needed less bezels and it would have been perfect. It's a good design direction and hopefully Google learned some lessons for next year in manufacturing.

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      • 19 Jan 2018

      there is no such things as arrogance.
      look at those young dumb highschool kids.
      they are just playing around. google the competition is getting tight
      and you really have the time to play around with those kid.
      you forgot you had an existing pixel issues since 2017 wake up its 2018 already

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        • Bailey
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        • 18 Jan 2018

        Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Everything in these pictures looks like junior designer stu... moreBecause something that has taken me some to get around is
        That Google want to make the software front and Centre not the hardware.
        And little by little that seems to be working for them.

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          • 18 Jan 2018

          Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Everything in these pictures looks like junior designer stu... moreGot to admit, 'minimalist' usually means lets make it looks plain and simple. It's something you strive for in large furnishing if you don't want to overpower the rest of the room in an otherwise sparsely decorated area but in a speaker or a phone? You want them to look nice and cool and worth the frigging money. I agree on some parts, the google smart speaker looks like a kids toy almost.

          I can appreciate minimalist design and it can work but it's usually a none distinctive or impressive design approach and a lot of modern 'designers' are failing to make the devices look and feel right when they over emphasise that feature.

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            • 18 Jan 2018

            Everything in these pictures looks like junior designer stuff. These products don't look like they're designed by someone passionate about designing such things.
            These look more like "let's ask everyone what they want, mix it all together, and try to please everyone" which is a wrong attitude towards design. People don't know what they want unti they see it. Designers have to create, not mix random people's opinions.

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              • 18 Jan 2018

              I don't care about human design on our phones. I want the classic robotic, curvy, chromatic, metal and polymer smartphone. I get it that the Pixel 2 XL is like a human, humans make mistakes and that phone is a walking mistake for the past 4 months.

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                • 18 Jan 2018

                Pixel 2 and XL doesn't look bad at all. It is just that they are not catchy. Look at Galaxies and Mates. They look absolutely gorgeous in hands. There are necessaties which were not implemented in Pixel 2 and XL's design. No proper IP68, no 3.5 mm headphone jack, no dual camera (Alright alright don't throw bombs at me for this. I know it is doing a fine job with a single camera but they could have implemented a monochrome or a wide-lens camera), there is no wireless charging feature.

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                  • 18 Jan 2018

                  So much hullaballoo and the end result was a crap plagued with one after another hardware issues.

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                    • 18 Jan 2018

                    They should just fire these designers. Bland, boring and still not beautiful....

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                      • 18 Jan 2018

                      Doesn't matter design if it were produced by LG. You will get crap in this case anyway.

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                        • 18 Jan 2018

                        AnonD-146024, 18 Jan 2018So much goes in designing but still Pixel phones look like ... moreAll they really varied was the radius of the corners and moved a few things about on the back. Waste of prototyping.

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                          • 18 Jan 2018

                          So much goes in designing but still Pixel phones look like any other generic crap.