KGI re-estimates Q1 iPhone X shipments with a lower number

19 January 2018
This number is down from the 20-30 million units that were initially forecasted.

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  • 25 Feb 2018

I definitely think that phones should be annouced every 2 years. Manufacturers would have more time to improve and there would be less mistakes in phones and software. And overall progress would be higher.

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    • E8H
    • 25 Jan 2018

    From 30 mill down to 18. I'd say that was a miss.

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      • tZk
      • 22 Jan 2018

      AnonD-632062, 20 Jan 2018"Do you feel that smartphone makers should slowly start shi... moreone of the best comment i ever read
      in 10 years period...

      Thank u Obi Wan...

        [deleted post]I do take my pills. mind you. I just wish the device looked perfect.
        (as in. no weird cutout, if it DID came perfect. that would be my secondary instead of the 8)

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          • sv7
          • 21 Jan 2018

          narens, 21 Jan 2018Even though Apple tried to put two batteries in this iPhone... moreWhat are you doing with the phone to charge it 2 times for one day? I have 3 email clients, have over 40 calls, texting in 2 messengers and taking photos, facebook and internet browsing all day and it lasts a day without a problem.

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            • narens
            • KSi
            • 21 Jan 2018

            Even though Apple tried to put two batteries in this iPhone X, still the battery back up is worst. I have to charge my iPhone X 2 times in a day and carrying a power bank along with me for not to loose the juice suddenly. Nothing great in this X, even this edge to edge display is not up to the mark. My old iPhone 7 plus is far better than this.

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              • 21 Jan 2018

              S8 User, 20 Jan 2018Much better value for the money indeed.S8 note8 the best

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                • 21 Jan 2018

                Are so much brands of smartphones in the world.And good smartphones. China's effect.

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                  • wvP
                  • 21 Jan 2018

                  Lets show Apple our support and just buy another one guys.

                  Together we can prove and show Apple we are the best fans and better than Samsung fans.

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                    • 7Ac
                    • 21 Jan 2018

                    Anonymous, 21 Jan 2018Yes. Getting rid of the home button, which has been a featu... moreI know right? Home buttons are ancient buy I still don't agree to Apple's notch

                      Anonymous, 20 Jan 2018Samsung does what Apple used to do. Realize the same produc... moreThe s8 is a great update over the s7. Better ergonomics feels incredibly compact and comfortable for a 5.8 screen. The fps is not a problem you get use to it especially with a case that had the fps cut out seperated from the Camera. Faster processor bit not a massive jump including camera quality but both still improvements over the s7. Radical redesign from the s7, software further refined and optimized (even more so with oreo).ain downgrade would be battery life but I frequently get 5hr sot even a year later.

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                        • 21 Jan 2018

                        AnonD-655518, 21 Jan 2018Being serious the only thing different about iPhone X is pr... moreYes. Getting rid of the home button, which has been a feature for 10 years is certainly nothing. You guys are laughable.

                        The sales figures in the first instance was the anomaly, not this lower re-estimate, given the iPhone's higher price. What's key now is to see if revenue is matched, and whether the higher price compensates the slightly lower sales.

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                          • 21 Jan 2018

                          Being serious the only thing different about iPhone X is price there is nothing new or revolutionary about it.

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                            • kPN
                            • 20 Jan 2018

                            Anonymous, 20 Jan 2018You can buy a Macbook Pro at the price of iPhone X. Its ... moreThe imac pro's $4,999 base price does seem like Apple is asking a lot, but building a similar computer only varies $200-$300.

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                              • 20 Jan 2018

                              i wont be surprised you cheaters. i have iphone 6 and you made me suffer for getting the baterry changed. made appointment via geniusbar(it should be called idiot bar/ stupid bar). when i arrived at the shop they said they dont have iphone 6 baterries. i said i will have to dump the phone their as its not worth to come again for replacement of the baterry. then some how the manager has found a barterry for me. i have no idea where it appeared from.

                              waiting for the galaxy s 9 to be released. enough with iphones.cheaters!!!!!!

                              so i am not surprised demand is low for iphone X

                                Clear reason why: The notch. I have OCD. and every time I see the X I am getting an annoying cringe from it. Don't get me wrong. I love the preformance of it. as I got an iPhone 8(about the same level as X -1 GB RAM), and Note 8 as my daily driver.

                                  Anonymous, 20 Jan 2018The notch doesn’t bother me and love the swipe up to home s... moreNice, you bought 2 of the most overpriced phones.

                                  At least iPhone X offers something special for the price, unlike the other one...

                                    AnonD-404954, 20 Jan 2018Overall s8 are betterMuch better value for the money indeed.

                                      Anonymous, 20 Jan 2018Samsung does what Apple used to do. Realize the same produc... moreS8 not being able to compare to S7??? Seriously?
                                      From the new features to processing speed and overall design - the S8 owns it.

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                                        • 20 Jan 2018

                                        Iphone x will top selling phone because Apple will paid analys