LG G6 Android Oreo update will arrive in Europe by the end of June

22 January 2018
The information has been revealed by the company's official website for Italy.

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  • Darkosx

yesterday arrived Oreo 8.0. For Lg G6

Alien , 24 Jan 2018I was talking about the high-end devices and also most of t... moreFirst Xperia X/X Compact isn't a mid range phone from Sony. It was categorized as a 'PREMIUM STANDARD' phone. Secondly Xperia X/X Compact wasn't powered by a Mediatek processor. The phone was launched with a Snapdragon 650 processor! Got it?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-697624, 23 Jan 2018I have a V20. I despair of ever receiving Oreo. So, I jus... moreIt's not all about the android version , lg v20 better then mi a1 (i like stock more then lg ux)
for my oppinion v20 features are better then mi a1 system update

  • Alien

wooty, 23 Jan 2018"Sony has ALL it's ENTIRE line-up of smartphones updated to... moreI was talking about the high-end devices and also most of the mid-range ones.
it's not my fault you bought a mid-range phone with mediatek and expect high-end updates.
my XZP has oreo since October.
next time buy a real phone. a high-end one.

  • Andrew

With Lg, life's sucks !

  • Mark

I guess that we have to wait to next year to receive the update for the V20, no wonder Lg is out of the competition.

  • Nil

I think my next phone will be either oneplus or pixel for sure.

  • AnonD-732821

What kind of crap is this!! Good luck convincing people to buy your upcoming G7 with such support

  • Mike

Is this a joke?

  • Anonymous

LG will have more trouble selling G7 and other flagships to enthusiasts with such support.
By that time, Android 9 will be introduced by google.

  • Anonymous

Alien , 23 Jan 2018Sony has ALL it's ENTIRE lineup of smartphones updated to O... moreNO. Xperia X has no Android Oreo update so far. I know that because i have one. So please stop making false statements about your beloved Sony. There's no worst thing that fanboys in comments.

Alien , 23 Jan 2018Sony has ALL it's ENTIRE lineup of smartphones updated to O... more"Sony has ALL it's ENTIRE line-up of smartphones updated to Oreo" - Don't talk big! Where is the Oreo update for Xperia X and the compact version? You may defend SONY as much as you like but don't mislead consumers!

I still dont understand whats with updates? I mean, i never cared about running the latest version of Android because i live in shitty country that always gets updates late for any phone. So its not much of a deal for me. I would even prefer to not update my phones because all my phones used to get slowed down with new versions of Android.

  • Anonymous

Oh LG..
You never fail to fail.

  • Anonymous

Almost a year.

  • Alien

GoToSchool, 23 Jan 2018Can somebody explain why Android updates are so terribly sl... moreSony has ALL it's ENTIRE lineup of smartphones updated to Oreo. What r u talking about?
They are always the first when it comes to updates. They have Oreo since October.
So if you want to blame someone, blame sammy, LG or HTC, but not Sony.

  • AnonD-732725

LG is such a joke. I'm so glad that I have changed my G6 with a Pixel 2.

  • Alien

End of June?? Bubuhahaha!
By the end of June all Sony phones will be running on Android P
LG got my respect with the V30, but these more than lazy updates makes me run as far away as possible from them...

  • Kraftwerk87

From beside of all V20 owners I wan´t to tell LG to go f**k themselves and their s**t support. Do you really think that I will buy another LG phone considering that my device is still on Android 7.0 at this date?

  • AnonD-723232

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2018"Overpriced" depends on your point of view. You're suggest... moreMost phones are overpriced because they have become fashion statements instead of tools. You can get 200$-300$ phones that run just as good as the >700$ ones and with marginally worse cameras. It's all marketing smoke and mirrors that makes up your mind for you.