LG G6 could arrive in Raspberry Rose in February

24 January 2018
The new color option is expected to arrive in South Korea for Valentine's Day.

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  • Anonymous

This probably cost them little to nothing by changing the backplate of their old stock that's piling up in dust. LG is fooling their customers still.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2018how about doing one with a SD835 chip???? LG is useless. I think you ask a valid question. Sony and HTC have more than one phone with the SD835, while LG only has one. I have used the V30. It's too big for my hands, so I won't be getting it. LG can't say that Samsung and Qualcomm are making them wait to use the SD835 in the G6 anymore. LG now says they want to release more variants of their phones. How about a G6 + with the SD835 ?

  • Hel662

Lg g5 very poor display color accurate because very hight gamma

  • F1rstman

I've had an LG Optimus 4X HD back in 2012 which I liked a lot. For it's time it was a great phone. LG G2 was also not bad at all. But it seems like they lost the game. Yesterday the news that G6 will receive Oreo by the end of June. It's a shame cause they have potential and they're a premium brand, more premium image than Huawei at least.

  • AnonD-723538

definitely getting rid of over piling stock of the G6

  • Alien

I'm not trying to bash LG here, but the G6 was outdated the moment it was launched with SD821. A year later they add another one?? ROFL
And they wonder why they don't sell many phones?
Instead of releasing another flop with very bad display corners, they should focus on the updates department which is a total ruin in my opinion. Releasing Oreo in June 2018 when Sony and others have had it since October 2017.
If you can't offer the right software, then cut the price in half.
This only proves that Samsung and LG don't give a fly about their customers. All they care is for you to buy their phones and expect NOTHING in return (not even the basic updates).
Sony and Nokia seem to be the only ones that care and are worth buying. In the end it's all about software experience - that's what SMARTphones are for, no?
Oh, and those so called features sammy boys will throw to defend the lazy af updates from their beloved brand are nothing but gimmicks that I call bloatware and are the first things I delete after rooting my phone.
Snap out LG, or you'll end up just like HTC.. DEAD and undesired

  • XBR

G6 is a total flop.. who would pay full price for this..

  • Anonymous

how about doing one with a SD835 chip????
LG is useless.

  • Whatsthedealio

What is LG doing... Releasing overpriced, catastrophe flagships year after year. Oreo to launch only in June for G6. Still releasing the same phone, yet with a girly colour.


  • Anonymous

G7 anyone.