Meizu 15 appears in renders, to have dual-curved display

26 January 2018
It will have a dual camera on the back, accompanied by a 10-LED flash.

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  • AnonD-730943

Nice phone, but I don't live in China so I don't have access to one. I personally prefer the iPhone looking devices Meizu produces, but I've never owned one.

  • AnonD-715008

That moment when every other OEM out there is copying the iPhone's notch but you steal their fingerprint sensor. Haha

i think its just another fake render. marketing gimmick.

  • Anonymous

damn that home button looks so fake

  • Anonymous

That's your queue to change your design, Sammy.

  • Anonymous

the fingerprint sensor looks like they took an iPhone 8 black render, copied the button and shrinked it down.