Android 2.3 Gingerbread rolls out on Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

27 July, 2011
Finally! Not so long ago Sony Ericsson announced it was bringing Gingerbread to its Android pioneer...

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  • Anonymous

Brazilians guys wants too! Hurry up!

  • notorious d

is this update of android version (gingerbread) works on any xperia version is 2.1 can my phone be updated in service center...

  • naseel

Sam H, 28 Jul 2011Can you please update this news post to say that it isn't out. ... moremy friend, please read it says indepedant phones, meaning that is not available for those that are in a carrier and phones that are precustomized.

  • AnonD-6030

I am a big fan of GSMARENA, however there are information which are misleading. But, I am feeling sad that a popular website like this is misleading the viewers like this.

I hope the update will be out soon in India.

  • Anonymous

2.3.4 for arc pls....2.3.3 is still v v buggy.....

  • x10

It isnt Available yet . . :(

  • seezu

Very nice from SE, original 1.6, to 2.3 in less than 1,5 year

  • Anonymous

in sony india its showing oly the 2.1 update wen it wil cme 2 india.......plz share the link ............frnds.......

  • Anonymous

mukesh, 28 Jul 2011my xperia isnt supporting this update..some of the apps that wer... moreSo they provide an outdated version of the Android update that isn't fully tested, that doesn't work properly!? Let me guess why I won't be buying a SE phone again!!!

  • Sam H

Can you please update this news post to say that it isn't out.
Please check your facts with something more reputable than the SE website claiming it's out, most X10 users know that it isn't, instead, go to Modaco Android X10 or XDA developers X10 and once GB does come, you'll definitely know for sure this time..

  • mukesh

my xperia isnt supporting this update..some of the apps that were running(independent of android) are no longer running

  • Anonymous

I love the x10 and I bought 4 of them already and they always have the same problem ( charger port ) it makes sad that now the new update is coming out soon :(

  • ding

I just want to know if the battery will improve after updating the X10 to 2.3 version...

  • Anonymous

Is the update available in Bangladesh??
wat's new coming with 2.3 update??
Please Please Please Reply! :-)

  • Anonymous

fake news, everybody check out official blog...

  • botak

anyone knw when it is going to be available in malaysia :(

  • AnonD-15245

Is de update available in india??
wat new cumin wid 2.3 update??

  • afzzz

is de update available in india??
wats new cumin with 2.3 update??

  • Alon

Just talked with a SE rep yesterday, update due in september in Israel... No update right now on my PC companion. Damn it.

  • Sokha10

I am in Cambodia. I did try update through PC Companion two times, still my OS 2.1. Anyone knows when will it be in Cambodia. Thanks!