Meizu's Flyme 7 UI rumoured to debut on February 24

27 January 2018
A banner teasing the new version has surfaced, as well as a beta changelog screenshot.

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  • AnonD-718166
  • vgN
  • 28 Jan 2018

Can't wait 😅

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    • Anonymous
    • sxr
    • 27 Jan 2018

    Garbage os for a garbage company. Meizu is good in china only period. I owned mx5 from flyme 5 to 6, yeah yeah monthly o.s updates but useless updates, submitted alot of bugs on their forum, their reply is repetitive and wont bother to fix it. Plus lte bands are designed for china use only even if its global version. Xiaomi is better dont even bother buying meizu if ure not from china

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      • onlyREAL
      • S4s
      • 27 Jan 2018

      so, this will came to M3 Note?

      SInce Meizu is playing like Xiaomi not updating the OS version but only the UI....

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        • Kangal
        • uCX
        • 27 Jan 2018

        For anyone unfamiliar, FlymeOS is the best version of Android out there that is Skinned.

        If you use it side-by-side with a Xiaomi (MIUI) device, you realise there are quite a number of things MIUI has copied from FlymeOS and some aspects which are shared between the two, but is implemented poorly on MIUI. FlymeOS is simply a more consistent User Experience on the surface and when you dig a little deeper.

        I've also compared it directly to Huawei's atrocious OS, its no contest. And Samsung's "New TouchWiz" is quite weird as it is very toned down, but still full of gimmicks or certain inconsistent user elements.

        The only problem(s) with FlymeOS is that it isn't free/open-source like MIUI is (which isn't as open-source as people think).... so there's very little FlymeOS ROMs out there. And the ones that are out there are done in a Frankenstein sort of way, so it is always lacking features and buggy. The next big problem is that Meizu phones themselves aren't overly great. There's not much stock/availability, the price is higher than their competitors, and the specs are quite weird/midrange. I'd love to see them try and do a High-end OnePlus competitor with their excellent FlymeOS, but baked for English/Global audience (this means Google Apps).

        But when all said and done, after MaterialDesign (especially on New Apps), I prefer Stock Android any day.