Another Nokia 10 sketch hints at penta-camera setup, of sorts

27 January 2018
The drawing comes courtesy of a reliable leakster, who worked off of a recent ZEISS multi-lens camera patent.

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  • n user

i have 2 nokia 808 and 3 nokia lumia 1020 bring this phone out and i will buy a lot.

  • Anonymous

Nice dna circular with cameras & flash on backcover from moto z, while 7 get dna from moto x style in line camera, flash and M logo

  • AnonD-9410

My guess is the "penta-camera" execution would be a combination of 2 front and three rear or 1 front and four rear.. Because five on the rear would look really unattractive. Unless they've really got some crazy tech solution combining pixels on each sensors.. But I don't think at the state they're in Nokia could invest on such tech..

Still won't matter when they limit the camera so much that even 3rd party camera apps can't use it fully. Nokia, stop being apple! Give the people the power over the phone, not the limitations!

  • Fitbri

I like pixel idea of one solid camera lens.
Simple, clean brilliance and it's own processor.
Love our dear Nokia, I would think a kick ass 1 inch sensor and one good quality super lens would be perfect.

  • Anonymous

LOL, 28 Jan 2018I seriously miss the time when Nokia was best in design compared... the Sharingan part D

  • YOLO

LOL, 28 Jan 2018I seriously miss the time when Nokia was best in design compared... moreThat's because they are following the trend. Who started the 18:9?? LG G6. Who started the bezelless display? Xiaomi Mi Mix. Who remove the first headphone jack? Apple and Motorola And who goes for the dual camera? Huawei.

If you want Nokia to be more innovative, just wait until 2020.

  • LOL

I seriously miss the time when Nokia was best in design compared to others ... like 8210 .. 8850 later N95 and they were so ahead of what the competition had back in the days.
I really want them to come back with some SICK ZEISS camera but I will not buy this SHARINGAN 300 eyes ALIEN phone :( This is stupidly ugly with that big protruding circle with 10 things in it .,., and a scanner bellow. I guess I love the memories of that brand and the untouchable state they were once upon a time , now ... everything since smartphone era is SUPER UGLY! Just look at the,m , Nokia 6 , Nokia 8 .. they look like galaxy 2 from 10 years back ... Why such great company cant come up with modern design and just beat the competition or be at least on par :(

  • AnonD-653707

Im so excited for this phone!

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 27 Jan 2018Penta-LENS, not penta-camera. The secondary module has five exch... moreQuite interesting design, if true. Same sensor, different lenses, like changing lens/objectives in your system chamera.
But there is a limit how much you can change just replacing one lens.

Most likely fake news, but interesting in anyway :)

Just gimmicks, nothing to see guys

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2018S8 is uglierDon't be so salty, we all know it's not true ;)

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 27 Jan 2018Try hexadeca with the Light L16: And ... moreYou meant to say in future we have to pay 2000$ to buy a normal mobile phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-646774, 28 Jan 2018I have OP 5 to, which I think is a complete phone. Fast, fluid w... moreThen there I am. Who is still happy with moto g (1st generation)

  • AnonD-646774

I have OP 5 to, which I think is a complete phone. Fast, fluid with good camera and battery. More than enough power for all my work and games. But still I will yearn for OP 6, when it is released. This useless addiction drives the mobile phone business, the biggest business in the world. We should wait for few years before upgrading. Technology is not changing so fast as we are upgrading to newer phones.

YOLO, 28 Jan 2018You see previously I mentioned that Nokia 1020 has 41mp and the ... moreFirst of all the Nokia 10 is currently rumoured to have 2 rear cameras, one of which has five exchangeable lenses. Secondly, they're not going to put two massive 10.5 mm sensors in it. Lastly, the 41 MP already got subpar results in relation to its resolution because they hit the diffraction limit.

You can't claim they're going to put a bunch of 32 MP sensors in it like it's fact when you have no idea. You can't claim its the same sensor as the Lumia 1020 when you then say it has a different resolution, and therefore clearly wouldn't even be the same sensor.

Don't claim things you have no idea about.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2018How to ask more money? Put more camera's on phones! It's ridc... more(sigh no edit button)

Just give us at least the good cameras like from G3 or S5 and not dual camera crap.

  • Anonymous

How to ask more money? Put more camera's on phones!

It's ridculus that a phone like LG G3 from 2014 has OIS and better camera than a lot of current midrangers, companies focus on crap like 2 camera's that work bad in midrangers, just give us at least

Just improve autofocus, aperture and 4k video of the lumia 1020 i will still buy it with the old windows shit

  • Troi

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2018 People! You wanted the end of megapixel race, right? Now this i... moreUnfortunately, it makes 808 very thick by today's standard. Even Lumnia 1020's setup has a bump on its back just for the large camera. Not to mention that that technology is under the legal term PureView, which is still of Microsoft's property. So why not make a phone with rotating lens?