Oppo patents foldable smartphone with a single display

29 January 2018
The outward hinge will also act as part of the screen, unlike other phones.

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  • Carol

AnonD-679976, 29 Jan 2018whoever release it first, Samsung is still the best especially i... moreSamesung. quality? 😂

  • ZloiYuri

BBK corporation don't just steal your privacy and empty account, they became patent trolls. Absolutely obvious idea with tons of concept for decades but they patented it. Nice.

  • Anonymous

where is the rear camera go?

  • Anonymous

I like the ZTEs approach with two side by side displays rather than an actually bending screen. They just need to figure out how to eliminate edges/bezels between the two screens when the phone is unfolded.

As first impression, etc. It seems quite interesting/ promising. But eventually we'll see...

  • Vvk

Surface Phone will be the landmark in foldable smartphone category...Fingers cross

  • Eske Rahn

The concept looks great.
I fear the most if it will be very scratch-prone...

To my knowledge it is always a trade of with materials between elasticity and hardness.
And to bend it obviously needs to be elastic, hence I expect the surface to be relatively soft, so it might need a pouch of some kind.

For the form factor it would be better if I were three not two parts. As this would allow it to be around 16:9 both folded and unfolded. Sure it would be thicker, but still more pocketable, and better for one handed operation in phone-mode.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2018Everybody is patenting the foldable display technology yet nobod... moreThey bettetr not rush it, you don't want a phone with a lifespan of few months.

very useful..

  • AnonD-679976

whoever release it first, Samsung is still the best especially in terms of quality.

  • Anonymous

I think fordable phones are useless.

  • Fker


Okay..... o.o
interesting concept.

  • Anonymous

Everybody is patenting the foldable display technology yet nobody is releasing any device that has such a feature. It's just a race for obtaining as many patents as possible.