GSMArena debuts its new look, here are the highlights

27 July, 2011
Say hello to new look. The new redesign comes complete with a refreshed brand identity.

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  • infeqt0r

Big like.....

  • meiej23

Nice Job GSMArena! I like your modern theme in your new website :D

  • owen

i like it................just wish i was with a better carrier...i have sg2 with virgin australia.....great phone..3rd rate carrier....the revamped site loads slower than the old one,, but its the lousey carriers fault .not gsmarena

  • noel

good, always wished for a fresh new look

  • Mr. MN

I've been a loyal reader of this blog for about 5 years and I have to say you guys are among the best, if not the best. I love almost everything about your blog, especially the "rumor mill." The new look is amazing. Keep it up, Gsmarena.

  • AnonD-15348

well only one thing i did not like are the headings - 'LATEST REVIEWS, LATEST NEWS' etc as they don't seem to go with the site.. it maybe due to the color or maybe due to all capital letters.. it simply didn't match imo.. rest are cool :)

  • ravi4ever

[deleted post]I think he ment whether this site is optimised for mobile too, like where pages are specially optimised for Mobile screens and internet speed..

  • Anonymous

Nice design It's Required to update.. Please change the color from red Brown to Nokia Blue.. then looks like pure corporate...

  • co2fan

Best handphone website!! Another milestone~~

  • iphone5

Logo sucks!!!!! the original one is better!!!! otherwise......... everything is just OK..... is there a chance that I can still use the older version???? just askin

  • rayan

new look is not good ,previous one was owxum pleae change it.

  • Anonymous

Amazing new logo !!! New look of the site is very refreshing and soothing to eyes. Special congrats to your designers. New white colour, fonts, style, everything is brilliant !!!

  • ravi4ever

Congrats GSMArena for its new look.. its really nice and it does load a little fast now with the new features of the site..

I am a table less coder and I can say that it would have taken a lot of efforts to brings this up, not even a single TD TR now..

All the best..

  • thegame

i must concur with my fellow commentors. I dislike this new logo very much. If anything, the previous logo would have matched up & complemented this new look much better.

  • poobreath

WORD - GSMARENA, you need to take note, definately rearrange the left hand column in line with phone popularity, blackberry and apple should be way up there!

  • Dogg

Thumbs up for the new look.. keep it up

  • AnonD-9875

Well done. Just the right amount of polish.

  • Anonymous

hey guys good job for a upgrade but i think url cud have done beta n i give url a thumbs up and maybe nexy year more improvements but overall well done

  • red1

i dont like it! the soul of gsmarena is gone now...

  • AnonD-15338

Cool looking i like that. Do you have a mobile site??