Android Wear-powered Verizon Wear24 currently going for just $50

30 January 2018
That, if you compare, is a whopping $300 discount given that the watch carried a launch price tag of $350.

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  • Anonymous

Darnit it's sold out, guess I didn't miss out since the coupon doesn't even work lol

  • Mikey

It's not a bad watch at all.

Lacks a heart beat monitor, tad bulky, and can't change the strap. And contrary to the manual you do NOT need a Verizon Android phone to use it. Bought my dad one of these for Christmas since he was fascinated by my Moto 360 sport... works fine on his AT&T iPhone.

There are far worse options at twice the price out there. No real competition even at the non-discounted option.

  • Wilma

coupon code does not work.

What wrong with it, price insane low, like trying to get rid of like plague?

  • Ronn

Yups, TRWEAR50 - code is not valid, doesnt work

  • AnonD-146024

only gold color is available and coupon is not valud