LG G6 and LG Q6 to arrive in Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet

30 January 2018
The new color options will roll out first in South Korea, then “key markets” will follow.

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  • AnonD-734279

come on LG, just release Q6 v2 with metal back case.

  • Anonymous

Just go away already, LG. Your fans don't deserve this nonsense. Change your ways or you'll be gone before HTC

  • Carl j

Still easily scratchable

  • AnonD-734205

They keep launching new colours but there is no sign of any software updates. Even HTC U11 now has Oreo and the G6 is stuck with 7.0.

What,they expect to make money with severely outdated hardware by changing the color? It only works if the device was popular to begin with, which the G6/Q6 are not

AnonD-580901, 30 Jan 2018Moroccan blue? 🇲🇦 flag is red... It's just blue exactly... moreread the article first
the sophisticated hue of Moroccan Blue was inspired by the beautiful blue buildings in the city of Chefchaouen, Morocco. and if you can see this city in so many videoclips like "Boom Boom -Redone and Famous-French Montana ...

  • Alien

LG flop v2.0 - now in multiple colors!

  • AnonD-468012

Hmmm I dont like that colors...

  • AnonD-446869

Only the back?? But all black front panel will be so boring!!!

  • ZloiYuri

It seems LG business working this way:
- Let's improve quality control and use the best hardware and unique design!
- You are fired!
- Let's use old and cheap hardware, kick out all designers and quality control and set highest price. And to improve sales just paint phones in some other colors?
- Give that man a medal!!!

  • AnonD-580901

Moroccan blue? 🇲🇦 flag is red...

It's just blue exactly like xz1 compact by Sony

Lg superfan gonna love it! :)

A very nice colours on alien like looking hone like everything from LG.

Basically, the more colour options the better. So it's welcome...

  • Dzonsi

Android 8.0!