Nokia 5 Oreo update starts seeding

30 January 2018
Also, the Nokia 6 (1st gen) update has expanded to the international model.

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  • PHduma

Recently got my oreo update. No lags, issues, bugs whatsoever. No need for factory reset, apps are working perfectly. From PH btw!

  • AnonD-734141

Anyone getting update in Gujarat state?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018Too bad the Nokia 5 sucks. I had it for a week and both Net... moreNokia 5 sucks? Lol my father's Nokia 5 is smooth like butter.

  • Sk

व&#236, 30 Jan 2018That's Nokia for you. Many top brands unable to update thei... moreYou are right bro, My S8 is so mess up with updating. I just wish Nokia is step a head of the Spec and also Innovation. To be honest i used to be Nokia Fan.


Nokia will soon force the usuall crappy brands, from samesung to whatever, to push updates if they want to hold their share. Nokia pushed them to do better quality phones, better cameras, wireless charging....oh better everything. Watch 2019. How samesung "invents" 4years updates for their devices.

  • AnonD-719939

No update on the TA-1033 yet ⏱

  • vince

say hello to my nokia 5 running android 8.0. i love nokia.

  • AnonD-734156

Got update today on my wife's nokia 6.
So far so good. Visualization improved a is the camera

  • Anonymous

Too bad the Nokia 5 sucks. I had it for a week and both Netflix and YouTube had major stutter and lag issues no matter what I did. The store confirmed that this was a problem. Hopefully it's fixed now.

  • AnonD-692891

Nokia is known for quality and this what people still trust.
Other brand like oppo, vivo and xaiomi they don't care about quality just want to increase the quantity.

  • व&#236

That's Nokia for you. Many top brands unable to update their flagship phones. You are doing it for low and medium models as well. Kurdus

  • AnonD-734141