Kantar: iPhone X lifts Apple's market share in Spain, Germany and China

30 January 2018
In the 3 months, ending December, Apple made a surge in key markets, slowing only in the US and the UK.

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  • AnonD-454153

decline in usa hahahhha

  • AnonD-404954

Note7 owner, 30 Jan 2018How can this be true when experts are predicting production cuts... moreBecause Apple are expert of fake

  • AnonD-404954

I bet Iphone sale decrease in global

Spain is smart. At one point, 92% Android market share. They Spanish aren't duped by a rotten Apple.

How can this be true when experts are predicting production cuts for the X? Fake News! Apple is dooooom....

I am glad that Android dominates everywhere.
But apple selling just 3 types of phones per year and still have high sales depite of price which is not worth the device.
But people once get overfeed and switch to another company.
I bet if a Xiaomi would make phones with IOS apple will be doomed forewer :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018"Finally, during the final quarter of the year and the Holiday S... moreThink they are trying to say of the iphone owners that bought a new phone 96% bought another phone from apple and the smarter 4% bought a better phone.

Most impressive point on Apple in last quarter is its market share gain in China. From 18.5% of same quarter of previous year to 28.6% of last quarter. Whooping 10% gain in sales market share in China. I guess that Chinese people loves iPhone X.

  • MKL

Increase in profit or not, only answer that.

  • Anonymous

Lead by the iPhone X?? What a misleading statement! There is nothing in the data that shows iPhone X leading in market share.. Meanwhile in another report it shows that the most sold phone is the last year's iPhone 7 & 7 Plus while the iPhone 8/8+ and especially iPhone X sold less than the 2 year old 6s/6s+/SE.. The statement is paid to sugarcoat the iPhone X flop save Apple from losing space.. The correct statement shou ld be -"Apple increases market share led by the heavily discounted previous years phone!" That should wipe the smile off of the stockholder's face

  • Anonymous

"Finally, during the final quarter of the year and the Holiday Season in the US, 96% of iPhone owners bought another model from Apple."

I strongly doubt Apple sold a new iPhone to almost their entire US install base. Whatever you were trying to say, that sentence doesn't convey it properly.

  • Xmas

Well, it only takes selling 2-3 iphone x's and there's you increase in market share

Trying hard for a positive spin!! Glad something to cheer about? BTW, was it before or after throttle-gate?