Meizu 15 Plus live images leave nothing to the imagination

30 January 2018
The phone will have a bezel-less screen on the front; dual cameras with a 10-LED flash on the back.

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  • AnonD-571634

Shout to Anonymous Above exactly the point you not playing with China law co-pyrite Firms

  • Anonymous

Pcknckr, 11 Feb 2018and another one not knowing what he's talking aboutYou know and I know, and the Chinese oems know it too. They are intentionally copying designs of popular phones, and no one can stop them because of the loose copyright laws in China.

  • Pcknckr

JJ, 31 Jan 2018wow!! this chinese people always copying appleand another one not knowing what he's talking about

  • Calling all spastics

All of you saying this is an iPhone copy are actually reta__ed. It's literally just using a default iPhone wallpaper, nothing else about it is iPhone like so just shut up. If you go and download this wallpaper and put it on your phone, is your phone now an iPhone copy???
Y'all need to get lives and stop forcefully digging just to hate on Chinese OEMs...

  • AnonD-103205

JJ, 31 Jan 2018wow!! this chinese people always copying appleFor your sake i hope you're joking. Xiaomi released a bezel-less phone way before Apple.

  • JJ

wow!! this chinese people always copying apple

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2018Buying a Chinese brand is like buying your supermarket bran... moreHahaha! So trueeeee! xD

AnonD-703638, 31 Jan 2018And the default iPhone wallpaper too... things these compan... moreYour right and they need to get a life ASAP!!!!

  • AnonD-674280

AnonD-88005, 30 Jan 2018Apple sue Meizu! This is clearly a huge copycat of the iPho... moreWhen Apple do copycat then it's all ok. But when Apple do a copy of a product and then someone other does similar thing, then it's a worst copycat on earth. Seriously get your far head out of your backside black hole. Use oil or something. Seriously like these bezel less phones have been out over 3 years and over 2 years before Apple Iphone X.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-501073, 31 Jan 2018ipx is an ugly version of this phone.Then why meziue copy it ?!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-292864, 31 Jan 2018Still better than iPhone X and costs less than half the pri... moreIt’s not even better than iPhone 6s lol.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2018Lol much worse yeah right.Yes it have fugly notch, camera like traffic lights etc.
There are lot more stupid things which apple used on their current flagship.

LCDSUCKS, 30 Jan 2018Nah, LCD sucks. Bad colours, bad viewing angles, high batte... moreEven the oled have its bugs and are expensive really expensive to make but not as much as curved screens.

  • AnonD-501073

ipx is an ugly version of this phone.

  • AnonD-79247

The only thing that reminds me of the iPhone X is the wallpaper, aside from that, this phone looks really nice. The top bezel is minimal and the back looks really good. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

  • AnonD-590974

Just shut up with ur ret** comment.

There are phons better than ur iphones ;)
And i dont talk about meiz or samsung.

I had iphones and now i have a sony vaio and a MBP Retina ;)

  • Mark

Vineet290, 31 Jan 2018This is why Apple is world leader (2) smartphone manufactur... moreBahahaha wheres the notch?

  • Jason Melling

Why wouldn't they put the larger bezel on the bottom ?

  • Anonymous

this is utterly preposterous!!!!!

  • AnonD-292864

Still better than iPhone X and costs less than half the price of it.