Nokia smartphone passes through FCC, smaller than the 2

01 February 2018
The FCC doesn't give away much, but the impression is of an entry-level device - the Nokia 1, perhaps?

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  • akmshaimun

Whatever is the model !!!! Less than 2 GB of Ram and 16 GB of ROM will not be acceptable.

  • sails_up

Great news! Market is totally missing a small dual sim smartphone. I hope the specs are high enough to be attractive. I will buy it immediately to my wife!

  • dudecool

would buy it straight away if it was top notch spec.

But wait. Lets hope this will turn out to be 9 mini/compact with 4.5” display, top-notch spec.

Serioualy, their Lumia flagship was not even 5” (920.925,1020), and it looks good and super convenient in hand.

I miss my old 620 too. That 3.8” display is super cute. Too bad it was stolen.

But wait, let’s hope this is a 4.5” FHD, 9

  • Anonymous

My kingdom for a 4.5-4.7” midrange to high end android phone with “stock” android. Motorola, Nokia, Google, OnePlus... you listening?

  • Fitbri

Actually quite a good move. There is room in the market for a small in palm all screen phone. Nokia use to make a variety of small in palm phones which were extremely popular, so i think this cute addition does have its place. I like where Nokia is re-heading and some super phones in the works too. Tick .. ..

  • KMB877

Maybe this is Nokia X with 5.5" screen and zero bezels!

  • Anonymous

Welcome back nokia asha...

After that Nokia 0 or Nokia 0.5

[deleted post]No. Snap212, 1/8gb would be more likely. It wont have higher spec than Nokia 2.

Except, this is not Nokia 1. But Nokia One. An entirely new series?
One E, One X. Lol, like Htc.

Nokia super fan, 01 Feb 2018I don't think it's a Nokia 1 because the dimensions is too ... moreThe dimension of Nokia 3310 4G is 117 x 52.4 x 13.4 mm (4.61 x 2.06 x 0.53 in)

So, this FCC listing could indeed be the Nokia 1 (Android Go or Android One)

Maybe it will be Nokia 1 or they make a big suprise and makes a Nokia 1 with specs of Sony XZ1 compact :-) For a Nokia 1 price :-)

Could be Asha

  • Nokia super fan

I don't think it's a Nokia 1 because the dimensions is too small to be it.And with such a small screen it shouldn't be 16:9 already, could be 4:3 or 3:2 ratio.

But for me, I think that size that Iam seeing is probably the Nokia 3310 4G.