Weekly poll: How long should phones get OS updates?

04 February 2018
Most brands do not have a clear update policy, but usually the last update comes a year or two after the phone is unveiled.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2018iOS users don't have that update problems, by the time apple sto... moreYou're going to want a new phone if they're slowing down your old phones lol.

I'd say 3 years support is enough, 2 for me is a bit basic and fine for cheaper phones but if you're paying flagship prices and the company won't support it past the length of a basic contract (some contracts from sky and virgin etc. are now becoming 3 years as well) then that doesn't seem right to me. It's like PC's operating systems, they get supported for years and manufacturers should support their products properly. It's about the only thing Apple does right but then again, we've seen a lot of worry about Apple intentionally slowing devices down and I am hesitant to trust them on how they develop their operating systems, probably design those to be a bit bloaty and have poor optimisation for older phones anyway (so the benefit of the update is outweighed by general performance dampening anyway). I've heard loads speaking of iphone updates slowing down their devices.

For me 3 years would be ideal , people can't expect infinite support but plenty of people buying flagships don't want to feel abandoned the second their contract runs out. By the time it's over 3 years old you sort of know you're just hanging onto it anyway (not a problem but you shouldn't expect support forever). It's just the reality of things though, I can live with 2 but even 2 and a half would be nice.

  • Anonymous

iOS users don't have that update problems, by the time apple stop updating an iphone, the user already has a new phone, cause iOS updates for 4-5 years on apple devices, by that time the user has saved enough money to buy another phone

  • AnonD-462421

ProJames, 04 Feb 2018Well I think that if you like a phone, and it fits all your need... morethat's a really good point, but that's what custom roms are for.

In total I think 2 is fair. Flagship devices should get definitely 3 years, happy Samsung is doing with Google, so others should do the same. Lesser devices should get at least 2 years and lowends 1 year to judge prices of those phones in different categories, considering insane prices we reaching now with smartphones, we should get decent software updates on any categories

First, this discussion will not do anything until Google decides to take on the mission of updating all devices with Android, Pixels and Non-Pixels as well.
Leaving the work in the hands of the OEMs will not bring much progress in this matter.

Second, what Google needs is to allow you to install and uninstall Android on a device the same way you do with a Windows or Linux in PCs.
And that Android is prepared to work properly (even if minimal) on devices with any hardware specification, as with Windows and Linux PCs.

Lastly, you do not have to have this limiting story for years.
It can be like Windows in most cases: I update the Windows version as much as the PC's hardware supports.
Following the example of Windows Insider operation (not the program itself) could be a solution: I have the certified updates time, but after that time, I could continue updating normally, but with the clause that this process would be by mine account.

And the security patches have to come every month. Not 1 month yes, and 3 months not, as it occurs in many OEM devices. This is ridiculous!
After all, does an OEM PC with Windows stay for a month without receiving a monthly patch?

AnonD-666414, 05 Feb 2018Samsung going to release 3rd os update to galaxy S6 series and t... moreThis is still not 100% guaranteed.
Samsung can still reverse that decision.

AnonD-692529, 04 Feb 2018My GALAXY K ZOOM didn´t receive a single update since it r... moreHis case is complicated because his project had flaws.
But Samsung faltered with him, and that's a fact!

  • Gecko

I have an Asus Zenfone 3 and I have now recieved android Oreo after marshmallow and nougat...so it all depends on manufacturers...they produce new products with minimal upgradation and who will buy them if you all will be using devices for 4 years.

  • AnonD-696124

I would say 3 years, i always used phones that updated the phone for 2 years. Coming previously from Nexus and right now oneplus 5T, i expect also a 2 year cycle.
I would like to at least have a phone that updates for 3 years, that would be amazing.
Project treble might help with that and sadly, onelpus 5T doesn't support project treble :(

  • Anonymous

Alien , 05 Feb 2018Software updates should last as long as the hardware can handle ... moreYep. That is why law makers have to make rules to minimum support time, because manufacturers don’t care (some exections not counted like Apple)

  • .alpha

Ask yourself, are you willing to do mobile banking with a phone that doesn't have the latest security patch?

  • Alien

Software updates should last as long as the hardware can handle it without making any performance compromise.
But there's no profit for the brands in this, quite the opposite. So that will never happen, unless you root your phone and take the matter into your own hands. A thing that 95% of the people have NO CLUE about.

  • Anonymous

3-4 years would be perfect for makers and for their customers too

  • Hekato Jr.

It will be also a better way that updates don't hamper the older devices otherwise keeping on the track of updates every now and then is a huge deal.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018If it is flagship 3 years will be enough. iPhones are getting up... moreUpdates should be available for at least 3 years. Preferably 4 years, that's the sweet spot. That way, the 2nd user can get 2 years of up-to-date usage as well.

And no, iphones don't slow down with each update. Only iphones with BAD batteries are slowed down for the user's convenience. (to avoid sudden shutdowns)

  • Anonymous

smartphones should be like a pc.. I can install windows 10 on a 10 years old desktop easily.. with the internal hardware becoming standard chipset and else it should be easy.. hopefully treble will achieve it

  • Anonymous

If it is flagship 3 years will be enough. iPhones are getting updates longer but who cares? They slow down after each update.

  • AnonD-666414

Samsung going to release 3rd os update to galaxy S6 series and to Note 5

  • AnonD-728625

I have Moto g5 2017. It was unveiled Feb 2017 with nougat Under the hood. And yet It hasn't received any update till now. What a shame Motorola!

  • ali123

I think 3 years OS support will be sufficient, i mean at least they should give two major updates to our phone, the original OS should not be count though. Usually they always late on rolling the newest update to the phone, but by the time they update the phone a new OS will emerge and seeing articles giving highlights on the new OS will make the recently updated phone feels old already. I'm still using samsung (s2plus) as my secondary phone but it only give one update that from 4.1 to 4.2 and now i'm using huawei (P9) but they only provide with one major update then it feels like they're not going to update this phone anymore which totally stink..