Sony Xperia X and Xperia X Compact now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo

05 February 2018
It looks like the update is available in multiple countries so head to your settings menu to check.

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  • Anonimus

I wonder if any of those people experiencing problems with Sony Oreo update have actually contacted Sony support and asked hem to fix those bugs? I have and they said they need more people to report their problems, thus they will work on fixing them! I sure hope so!

  • Liv9

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2018Sony did only very very minor changes for their updates, so... moreYou know nothing Jon Snow...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018Don't be disappointed, no biggie with that oreo update from... moreSony did only very very minor changes for their updates, so they are fast. I dont see any new feasture sony added in their android oreo. Their update always have a couple bugs . They just rushed the update. There is no beta testing also. Bugs bugs bugs everywhere.
In turns of features
Sony oreo = samsung jellybean

wooty, 07 Feb 2018Which phrase did I mentioned anything about Sammy? Cut it s... moreThat's exactly what I said, you don't know anything.
Do you know about the Note 8? And the S8/S8+? These are Samsung flagships for 2017. They're still running Android NOUGAT!!!!! Not OREO!!!!!

So to sum up, because you seem to don't understand things easily, when I said that "other brands haven't already updated their flagship" I was referring to Samsung... I hope you can understand that!

Ellio74, 07 Feb 2018I appreciate your kind words (ironic)! And Samsung? Can ... moreWhich phrase did I mentioned anything about Sammy? Cut it short pal!

wooty, 05 Feb 2018Don't be a pussi. Don't mislead consumers if you got no fre... moreI appreciate your kind words (ironic)!

And Samsung? Can we talk about Samsung? The biggest phone manufacturer in the Android world that hasn't already updated ANY of their phones?

You tell me to talk about things I know, that's what I'm doing, but you seem to forget Samsung...

  • AnonD-735656

i switched from my x compact to galaxy s7 beacuse of poor camera quality, audio loudness and plastic body that is huge scratch magnet.... so dissapointed me. i like their design, i liked their cameras and desing, but now, im just disapointed in them a lot... maybe if they prove themselves in next years i may return, but i doubt it. by the way, i had xperia l when came out, and that phone was awsome, camera for that time was huge especially in mid range sector, tft screen that looked better then some of lcd in flagships, desing was most beautiful thing i saw on a smartphone, they were so strong back then... now, they are just sinking

  • Anonymous

great job sony !

Hayaan Mo Sila, 05 Feb 2018But in comparison, those other OEMs have taken longer time ... moreWell you may right after all. But what did he wrote earlier? He was mentioning that other OEMs haven't updated their flagships! What a misleading assertion here? I mean Oreo doesn't belong exclusively to Sony!

  • Jasim

I Love Sony for that new target of continous support.
The update is realy amazing brough a lot of fixes and features to the phone and the new graphics and transitions look amazing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018lol my s7 is waiting .. a midranger that announced before m... moreDon't buy Samsung next time.

  • Anonymous

Sweet Sony ¡

  • Retto

Is there any update for Sony Xperia Z5

  • MrGrumpy

If X Compact Oreo is anything like XZ Compact Oreo, I'll give it a miss. Sony have stripped out the useful stuff like the magnifying bubble when moving the cursor to edit text.

  • Vlad

xXENDER FREAKXx, 05 Feb 2018Well then too bad for uThank you very much for tour reply. Extremely helpful! My life would have been a total mess wirhout your comment.

  • AnonD-692005

I'm just hoping that Oreo update comes before my phone dead. T_T

Vlad, 05 Feb 2018Sony is #1 in terms of updates? Do you know what Android S... moreWell then too bad for u

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018Still no signs of Oreo for my X performance in NZ. Stuck at... moreDon't be disappointed, no biggie with that oreo update from nougat.
Camera UI seems a bit smoother and its options got sorted out / simpler.
A few slight comestic changes here and there (from notifications aera to navigation buttons), a new menu dedicated to UI customisation.
Else phone isn't faster or doesn't boot any faster.
Android bumped to 8.0.0 : done.

  • AnonD-82756

Just waiting on XA1 to be updated to Oreo and all is sweet Sony rocks

  • Anonymous

Still no signs of Oreo for my X performance in NZ. Stuck at 7.1.1
Very disappointing.