Meizu E3 leaks in live images with side-mounted fingerprint scanner

06 February 2018
The upcoming midranger will have a FullView display and will come with USB-C on the bottom.

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  • xHa
  • 07 Feb 2018

Why always iPhone? Why dont Sharp S2? back camera with dual cam and vertically input = AUTO IPHONE X LOOKING.

    and then they say Apple’s design suck...what can suck more than these chinese companies

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      • AnonD-695616
      • Nvg
      • 06 Feb 2018

      sadh, 06 Feb 2018Here we go again. Anothe X-like camera position.Hahaha apple virus spread fast

        • s
        • sadh
        • tDP
        • 06 Feb 2018

        Here we go again. Anothe X-like camera position.

          Another iPhone Copycat.....smh