Huawei P11/P20 lite renders reveal an iPhone X-like dual camera

08 February 2018
The phone will have a dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner on the back.

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  • rich watarious

So far Huawei Mate 10 is my best phone so far in terms of built and the dimensions. I surely need one of this phone.

  • rich watarious

I very much like the dimensions especially the length or height. but the breath I like it to be 74mm

  • huawei user in here

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2018You just described every Huawei users out there. All they want i... moreNot every Huawei user wants an iphone rip-off.

In fact IMO the Honor 8 has the best featureset, best ergonomics with fantastic design of all current Honor models. It is in my opinion even better than the Honor 9 (and their variants)

Fingerprint-scanner at the back which doubles as a programmable button, programmable 2-way IR-blaster (unlike Samsung's), no camera bump, headphone jack, a fantastic IPS-LCD screen with normal 16/9 aspect ratio (which you can properly cast to your TV-set without nasty black borders).

They only thing I'd rather would have changed is a SINGLE (good) camera with OIS instead if all that multiple camera crap without OIS. Though the Honor 8 does shoot nice pictures though, well within the expectations in its price-class.

For me, Huawei should just re-release a Honor 8 with the newer SOC and keep the rest the EXACT same (or improve the camera like I wrote above).

It's unfortunate that many manufacturers misjudge themselves with iPhones by persuading gimmicks instead of actually thinking before using copy-cat-tech. Every man with a working braincell realise that longer aspect ratios are useless if there isn't a compatible TV since miracast/chromecast of your display is a important part of modern smartphones (even iPhones).

People whom bought an iPhone X will by now realize what a stupid device it is with regards to casting your display through Apple TV as TV's aren "elongated" (yet).

  • AnonD-736503

It seems fake and i hope it is, after all the whole article says just rumours

  • Dave Granger

The design looks... Familiar...

  • Anonymous

This phone is the joke of 2018 . Copy with the real mean of word.

  • Alien

What could be worse than an iPhone? Oh, I know: How about an iPhone replika? :))

Huawei: Because all we can is copy/paste and You believe us! :)


Notch !!!!

Egad Gods, no no no

  • rich watarious

the lite version should be kirin 670 the new long awaited chipset and should be power efficient like snapdragon 625 but with better performance.

  • Anonymous

Everything look fine except that ugly bump on top of the screen just like iPhone X. Hope it not real.

  • Anonymous

Design looks cheap and generic, more like iPhone X rip off.

  • Anonymous

Achillias, 08 Feb 2018What a bunch of kids on this thread. If you don't like the desig... moreYou just described every Huawei users out there. All they want is an iPhone so they settle with a knock off.

Gee, that looks familiar, if only I could place where I’ve seen something like this before, Lol.

  • AnonD-594740

AnonD-241270, 08 Feb 2018now people are saying: now Huawei is copy apple, but dont rememb... moreNow a feature phone was the one that mark the 2:1 trend?


Here on gsmarena, EVERYONE praise Sony for "introducing" waterproof on their Z series when it was waaaaay before that feature phones had it...

mir, 08 Feb 2018Another batch of iphone clones incoming!Atleast it got fingerprint scanner and headphone jack, eh?

  • AnonD-735915

so there are 3 camera in huawei p20?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2018Poor man's iPhone X.LOL. U made my day XD.

  • Titox

a usb type c finally???.?.

  • littlefishy

AnonD-97496, 08 Feb 2018Great. Another iPhone clone... just what we need. I find it hila... moreExcuse me, mr. apple fanboy, seems to me you "know" a lot, would you happen to know where your iphone 8 and X got their dual camera set up? Huawei was one of the first phone makers to introduce such a feature if not the first one with the P9, oh and they are even introducing three camera setup right now, makes me wonder when will apple copy that too?

timetonote, 08 Feb 2018The iPhone 8 and the Xperia XZ1 Compact are there for you. Keep ... moreAlso, people forget that there's still choice above garbage chinese phones.