ZTE Axon 9 rumor points to 18:9 screen and Snapdragon 845 chipset

12 February 2018
The Axon 9 will follow up the dual camera of the Axon 7s with two dual cameras.

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  • Twitchie

I read they skipped the 8 series (in name only) because of the way it sounded or appeared in Chinese. Same phone and great tech - they just skipped the 8's name.

I love the Axon 9 because

Stereo speakers. Who cares if it isn't on the front? The 18:9 design is just perfect enough. So what if there are black bars on the sides? The video aspect ratio of tv shows is 16:9 yes, but you will still see black bars when watching a movie on a 16:9 screen, so why are you dumb idiots complaining?

The physicial buttons there are awesome too. That's the only 18:9 phone with physical touch buttons

I hope they put a great camera in there. Dual cam would be cool unless the aparture is less than 1.8. Front cam should have a flash too as it'd be great for selfies.

  • AnonD-740544

seriously, if this model ditches the front speakers then screw this phone - no sale

  • AnonD-674238

where is the axon 8?

  • AnonD-674238

WHHHHYYYYYY...such a big disappointment....keep it to the 16:9 ratio...keep front speakers and improve on them....you can even use over AXON 7 entire design...just use more screen instead of capacitive buttons

  • AnonD-737356

Wow, really hoping this leak is fake. That phone looks terrible and ruins everything that the Axon 7 got right. If this is the direction they're going in, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't include a high-end DAC either. Can't tell for sure by the renders, but there may be no headphone jack either... In other words, this will just be like any other generic phone with the SD845. If this is the case, I'm definitely getting the V30 as my next phone.

  • Oli

Oh no!!! The cases for this will have three big holes on the back for the speakers : ( What a tacky.

  • Anonymous

Dude, 12 Feb 2018What a joke. Axon 7 was a brilliant phone and still owns th... moreUnfortunately all the Chinese brands whom where on the right track suddenly lost focus. They are suddenly all copying these ridiculous screen-ratios from Apple, ditching jacks, removing feature X and Y.

It's the same with the new Honor-models. The Honor 8 was a great little phone with all the required features, great screen, surprisingly good camera while its successors have become progressively worse.

Don't these idiots understand that 18:9 screen aspects are useless while TV's remain at 16:9 and thus screen-casting and beaming photo's/video's show ugly bars? Don't these morrons understand that we need LOUD and good speakers (especially when our phones are tucked away in backpakcs and coatpockets? That audio-jacks are important because they are the only global standard for easy to-use audio-transfer both to headphones and external amplifiers? Not to mention that real users, not webzine reviewers, want choice?

And that not all of us are self-obsessed narcissists wanting "dual" selfie-cameras? In fact what's so great to give us dual camera's yet crippling them with fixed focus and crappy plastic lenses?

Unless they truly believe that consumers are nothing more than fools soon to be parted from their money. Are we?

So, they ditched the awesome front facing speakers? My excitement for this phone is gone.

  • Anonymous

What a disappointment.

  • Dude

What a joke. Axon 7 was a brilliant phone and still owns this generic junk looking thing. Bye ZTE

  • BruteFours

It's genuinely disappointing that the front-firing speakers are gone in favour of more screen, I still think the 5.7" on my Axon 7 is big enough, but this isn't unexpected. As long as the specs are good, the price is competitive, and they keep the headphone jack and the micro SD slot, I'll probably upgrade when it comes out.

  • AnonD-737061

Front facing speakers???

  • Sasa

Rear speakers?! No, no , no
Capacitive keys, yes, yes.
Finger sensor, doesn't matter.

No fingerprint
No front speakers
No Axon use older design with fingerprint and fro.t speakers

Hope it comes to India

  • AnonD-655272

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2018Where is the fingerprint scanner???The finger print scanner is at the bottom of the front screen.

Hope this phone would be a success and o really like how they managed to stay witht the orinigal Axon 7 design, since we can’t see any fingerprint sensors i hope it’t in the screen.

  • Anonymous

Zte, you forget front speakers.

  • AnonD-730342

You guys complain about everything. It's just phone at the end of the day, remember that.