Huawei patents MateX moniker

12 February 2018
The trademark application is with the EU Intellectual Property Office.

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  • .alpha

Galaxy X, Mate X, there will be a lot of X this year

Yes now everybody copy stupid apple.
Why they dont make own names.
Like Huawei Pikachu, Huawei Raichu.
Or Huawei Mate Onyx etc.
X everywhere.

Huawei can be wise to do so:
either MateX 1 or MateX 2018
MateX with a number next to it can keep the Mate popularity and follow again for next 10 years.

If anything other than that happen, Mate will lose its popularity. Let's face it in upcoming months.

Maybe its Mats S successor

AnonD-632062, 12 Feb 2018Great.....People will seriously copy anything & everything a... moreThere was some news about huawei developing AI like face id, so there may be chances of dropping the fp scanner.

  • NiJon

well thats just pathetic... Huawei really showing their chinese DNA here.. x)

I wonder why everybody copy apple?
I would understand if apple is a superbrand leading company and like a superhero from another time and space and dimension but this is not that case.
Apple is rich beggar whoch robs all of its customers without any shame and all of its customers are teared like its fine to be robbed,
This time machine really goes well but as always a really wrong way and nobody have the muscless to stop it.

  • Anonymous

everyone saying companies are ripping off apple with the X moniker do know that apple were't the first to use it right.

  • cesar

all of them are copycats they are copying each other to see who comes up with a better idea to copy it too lol lets see whats next

  • SER

AnonD-632062, 12 Feb 2018Great.....People will seriously copy anything & everything a... moreYes it looks like. I hate it.

So, Why_?

  • Anonymous

Let me guess, a notchphone copycatting iPhone X. Fail.

  • AnonD-632062

Great.....People will seriously copy anything & everything after Apple does it....

Huawei already copied the "No 3.5 mm jack" feature in the Mate 10 Pro....

What next? Will it also drop the fp scanner???