Nokia 6555 – an elegant 3G clamshell

21 Aug, 2007
Nokia is certainly keeping us busy these days. Only a day has passed since the Nokia N95 8GB was approved by the FCC and now a new mobile is announced by the Finnish company. The Nokia 6555...

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  • Zero
  • P%Z
  • 13 Sep 2007

Yep, Motorola has the RAZR and razr minions (rizr, rokr, slvr) and... umm..... what else did they have again?

    • j
    • john cena rulez
    • PP$
    • 03 Sep 2007

    pogoh considering motorola have sold over 100,000,000 razor series handsets world wide iether there are alot of stupid people out there or the phones their phones are brilliant i dont think the people are wrong somehow maybe youmshould get of you're nokia pedastool and face the facts every phone company has market a particular market nokia for instance target those that cant handle a complicated menu system ( not that it is that hard)
    motorola have a market for the customer that wants style and not a bulky phone to tell you the truth phones will always be phones if you want a 5 megapixle camera on a phone buy a digital camera if you want an mp3 player well you know where to go (iphone)
    and suprisingly let a mobile do what it was designed for wait for it
    To make phone calls

      • P
      • Pogoh
      • myQ
      • 31 Aug 2007

      In my opinion motorola's are the worst phones made, simply due to the shoddy badly thought out UI that the other manufacturers had back in 2001. To alot of people their phone is a fashion statement and will use a slim razr just to keep up with peers even if it means putting themselves through frustration and agony.

      Any phone that takes the looks of a moto (whether or not copied you moto fanboys) and combines it with a UI from nokia or SE is clearly without doubt the best thing. Nokia have the right idea here. Hopefully motorola will go out of business.


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        • Anonymous
        • RNZ
        • 26 Aug 2007

        Like the V3?? I rekn it looks tiny bit like the K1, but by far Nokia is much more user-friendly and efficient that Moto, but maybe not as eleagant (or as laggy) as a Moto.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • nFh
          • 23 Aug 2007

          Usually if Nokia gives a model name to a phone thats easy to remember ( LIKE 7373, 6300, 5300, 8800 , 6600)... thats when they know that specific phone model will be one of the BESTSELLER...

            • h
            • hussain
            • M4i
            • 22 Aug 2007

            its a copy of motorola v3

              • m
              • my_name_is_not_impor
              • ibq
              • 22 Aug 2007

              I want one! Been waiting the clamshell beauty from Nokia for quite some time and finally it arrives! Thanks for making it happened!

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • U2V
                • 22 Aug 2007

                Blatant rip off from Moto design....right down to the charger port. Why do people continue to love Nokia when they make such poor quality phones (I'm a dealer) and have no originality in terms of design....except the Prism of course and if thats gonna sell well!

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • Pv9
                  • 22 Aug 2007

                  feature wise this is alot better, don't compare them.
                  krzr only share with the the shinny design.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • jb8
                    • 22 Aug 2007

                    looks like a krzr lol

                      • k
                      • krz uzr
                      • i4P
                      • 22 Aug 2007

                      goodness, it looks like a hybrid samsung-moto! what's up with nokia? and heck yeah, the krzr looks better, imo

                        • H
                        • Harlekkin
                        • PUa
                        • 22 Aug 2007

                        Yep, this is a hard one to swallow for Nokia fans.

                        It's just too Motorola man... It does look good, but the resemblance is way too strong.

                          • w
                          • white shark
                          • M%s
                          • 22 Aug 2007

                          krzr is better!

                            • s
                            • stylinexpat
                            • 2UM
                            • 21 Aug 2007

                            Looks like a Motorola on the inside and a bit like they copied something from Kimchee land in Asia..

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Lyv
                              • 21 Aug 2007

                              Wow a new Krzr!

                              Oops, it's too thick... that's not a Motorola. It's a Nokia :o

                                • M
                                • Melker
                                • mhD
                                • 21 Aug 2007

                                It IS appearently possible to design tiny mp3-players folloving the 3.5 mm audio-jack standard. NOT then it comes to Nokias mobilephone designs though. Instead that useless non-standard 2.5 mm/adapter-substitut rules supreme. :-(

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • PB1
                                  • 21 Aug 2007

                                  the design is beautiful.
                                  i know sum people think that it was copied from other manufacturer.
                                  but, it still a beautiful and better design.

                                    • c
                                    • claire finch
                                    • nF7
                                    • 21 Aug 2007

                                    when is this phone avalible ?? can i get it on an upgrade in 02 shop or direct ??

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 2Am
                                      • 21 Aug 2007

                                      It looks like a motorola.

                                        • j
                                        • johnson
                                        • kC0
                                        • 21 Aug 2007

                                        This is fantastic! some said nokia copied motorola, that is very stupid. There are different styles, different features!