Another Sony Xperia with Snapdragon 845 chipset visits Geekbench

21 February 2018
This could be the same device as the H8266 we saw earlier or it could be the Xperia XZ2 Compact.

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  • AnonD-244086

LIRKER, 21 Feb 2018Because you put the loudspeaker direct to your ears, right?Exactly:)

  • AnonD-537624

Not a single legit leak except for benchmarks

  • Fade.

The odd thing is that Snapdragon has been slightly worse than exynos for a while in CPU. I guess this year they put even more power to the GPU and less for the CPU and even it out. It's very widely believed that GPU will taker over and there won't be need for CPUs at all in near future.

  • Anonymous

The performance of Snapdragon 845 in single-core compared with the performance of Exynos 9810 is shit.

  • Anonymous

What is all thus madness for ear port,,, GSM already reported what Sony will engineering for next generation ear port!

  • AnonD-690051

hmmm, 22 Feb 2018Those who spend 300-500 euros on a pair of in-ear headphone... moreim sure they will provide an earphone plug which can be connected to the usb port. so you guys will be able to use your earphone.
but you won't be able to use it while charging. but i never see someone use their earphone while charging

  • hmmm

ugly hole, 21 Feb 2018who needs ugly headphone jack hole to phone?Those who spend 300-500 euros on a pair of in-ear headphones,and from time to time want to use it with the phone,and not with a dedicated player!

  • Anonymous

Single core score...!!!

  • peachy001

Mirkran, 21 Feb 2018Personally, I don't listen to music while charging my phone... moreAll the more reason to add wireless charging. Cheap, little space needed, and easy to add.

kupfernigk, 21 Feb 2018Why would you move the front stereo speakers to the back wh... moreIt was a joke... because if they do something like that (moving the speakers to the back cover) plus move the fingerprint to the back, remove the jack and the new shape more than one could suffer a heart attack. Exaggerating clear... or not. There are people who take everything very, very hard.

  • djo

No headphone jack, no purchase

Voxter, 21 Feb 2018Now that they seems moving the fingerprint to the back perh... moreWhy would you move the front stereo speakers to the back when Sony has cracked waterproofing with front speakers?

  • AnonD-690051

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2018My concern if everyone buy copy paste phone, innovator phon... moreit's just a phone.
so let the loser die.
i dont even care about brand, i use my phone because i need it

[deleted post]Not just because Sony is not into todays trend means there ugly. But what can i do? Thats how people’s brains work.

Hayaan Mo Sila, 21 Feb 2018The Xperia XA2 itself is a great proof of how the headphone... moreWithout having the headphone-jack is quite time efficient, engineers don’t have to worry where to put the headphone-jack then the production time may become less and they dont need to make headphone-jacks anymore instead they make a bigger battery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2018Huawei makes pretty phones. OP3 looks nice. Zte Axon 7 ... moreMy concern if everyone buy copy paste phone, innovator phone will go bankrupt because pay alot R&D, and we have to stick with current tech due only copy paste phone survive

  • Alien

anglhtngfboysaybobo, 21 Feb 2018big bezel, lcd, old unimproved ui. sony really love to re... more- Sony jumped the boat to bezeless with the new lineup.
- LCD is better because it doesn't suffer burn-ins and also it doesn't burn your eyes after 2 hours of using like oled does.
- I've used many brands and Sony probably has the best near STOCK android. only the pixels are better. what the hell are you saying there? everybody wants as close to stock as possible nowadays. Also it's the most stable android I've used. no matter what I'll do to my phone it never gets in bootloops.
- the fingerprint sensor on the back is your only valid point. My red XZP is perfect!
If you can't control your hate, there are doctors out there that will treat you.. ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-731491, 21 Feb 2018I do not think Chinese phones are very uglyHuawei makes pretty phones.
OP3 looks nice.
Zte Axon 7 is cool.
That VIVO with in-screen fps looks nice.

Oppo, Xiaomi, Doogee, Ulephone, Gionee etc are ugly and cheap looking

AnonD-244086, 21 Feb 2018No headphone jack blah blah i remember when my phone has no... moreBecause you put the loudspeaker direct to your ears, right?

  • Anonymous

A japanese website believes it could be a Pixel by Sony.
Because no Xperia device has this kind of code.
Even those phones from Docomo and other japanese phone companies the code starts with S.