BLU Vivo X launches with 6" 18:9 screen and quad cameras, yours for $249.99

21 February 2018
The new smartphone boasts an 80% screen-to-body ratio as well as a 4,010 mAh battery.

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  • rachad

the bad part : Mediatek and Android 7
the worst : they don't know the word UPDATES

  • Javy

The Xiaomi Note 5 is a better option and it's cheaper.

How can BLU use an other company's name as a brand name for there phone?!

Was ok until Mediatek part and Nougut 7.0 nothing to see move on

  • Anonymous

$250 for a 720p display? Redmi Note 5 Pro will be a better option.

249 for what?
I dont see. Anything worth this price.

  • anon

FromChinaWithLove, 21 Feb 2018How good are BLU phones? Some of their older version of Android ... moreDon't get one, ever

Very confusing

I see all these vivo, blu, hisense, zte, allure, myphone, mytel, zoom, bluk, coby, mobi, turbo, etc,
or any silly name you can imagine at convenience stores, very cheap, very affordable, I have seen them startng from 20 dollars

  • peachy001

These budget firm are nailing the large battery, reasonable resolution stats. I really wish the high end flagships would consider these areas. The S8/9 Active get a thumbs up, but so difficult to buy in UK.

  • Anonymous

Oreo is the only lack! Price group is really nice

  • E

So BLU is releasing a phone named after Vivo, a competitor

I think it's High time Blu jumped on the Android One programme or ship phones with stock Android UI either than this launcher. Only reason I don't buy Blu phones is because of the software

  • Flipp

According to your specification page it has 75.6% screen-to-body ratio.

How good are BLU phones? Some of their older version of Android phone are pretty laggy!

How much have they improve so far?