T-Mobile offers $200 back when you buy an iPhone X with a trade-in

21 February 2018
Youíll get $200 on top of the trade-in value. The offer is open to new and existing customers starting on Friday.

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  • Really?

$200 credit in the form of a gift card? That takes several weeks to get? How is this any better than selling your previous phone on eBay? Especially in the case of 7 or better! T-Mobile, you can do better.

Lol, how very generous of them, considering that most of the phones that they will accept as trade-in are worth considerably more than $200.00.

These trades are only to support Apple.
Who clever enough would like to trade best OS android for Apple buggy OS.
Even 1.5 cupcake was better than current IOS. I have to laugh.

  • Anonymous

You'd do better to keep all those eligible trade-in phones, except for iphone 6s and 6s plus.