CAT S61 unveiled with better thermal camera and new tools

22 February 2018
The CAT S61 features a laser-assisted distance measurement tool.

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Anonymous, 23 Feb 2018No you dont understand. Nobody ever hears of CAT. Not even Snapd... moreDid you say that "Nobody ever hears of CAT"? Have you heard the name "Caterpillar"? Ring a bell? It is 59th largest company in Fortune 100 list USA. The famous "Coca-Cola" company made 50th place in the same Fortune 100 List. CAT is THE world's largest construction equipment manufacturer, like excavator, bulldozer, wheel loaders, road-roller, etc. The CAT logo is prominently recognizable icon among ordinary people. And the FLIR is the most well-now and highly regarded name among infrared/thermal imaging equipment, like military grade infrared vision equipment in fighter aircraft.

The $1,000 S61 phone with FLIR infrared may be one of the cheapest tool that bears CAT logo that construction engineers can buy.

Not bad at all

  • NichtsGemacht

A very interesting device I haven't seen features like these in any other phones before, now I've always wonder if there is a way to improve the reception capabilities of a cell phone to give it more "range" is that possible? and if it is possible that could add even more value to a device like this.

  • Anonymous

MichaelHB, 22 Feb 2018What a ignorant are u! Really you think CAT makes fashion phones... moreNo you dont understand. Nobody ever hears of CAT. Not even Snapdragon 835. It is ripoff brand of Chinese and Indian phone. Overpriced. Buy original from Xiaomi or Huawei. Ha ha. Even Apple (made in India and China) is better than this.

For its price alone, yes, it is definitely "a bit salty" (haha). But considering its features, etc., it is definitely excellent for its respective segment. So well done to CAT.

  • Anonymous

welcome to mobile innovator, motorola and fujitsu is chief in charge

  • MichaelHB

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2018who want this junk. better to buy xiaomi or huawei.What a ignorant are u! Really you think CAT makes fashion phones to lazies like u? CAT make phones to people that wants a REALLY RUGGED device that can use like tool and works like phone, have ressistance to enviroment or accidents, adding special needs like a thermal camera where u can verify motors, electrical wiring, heating or cooling systems, ect, can make and receive calls, having utility apps because running android. These phones doesn't need a "SD5800 extreme edition overclocked". "People like you (facebookers)" what really don't need a tool phone, to work with it on industry, machinery, automotive or anything else...WILL NOT UNDERSTAND. Peace :).

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2018It may be a 'stone' to you, but it is a useful device for those ... moreIt's better than that. a FLIR camera pinpointed the fault in my central heating system and immediately saved more than its cost in plumber's bills. Construction tradesmen will love these. On a building site, an iPhone X probably wouldn't last a week even in a case. And it can't warn you to put on your solvent mask.

  • Anonymous

The last time I found a phone with so much functionality was with Nokia especially the Nokia on Symbian. I don't talk about FIR camera or laser measurements, I simply talk about a phone that was not a glass brick with a screen like those stupid Galaxy S or iPhone and where you could use it to do serious things.

I can remember when Nokia N95 was one of the first phones in 2007 to be able to be plugged on an external screen with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and use it almost as a computer. For example. Nokia where "toolphones" also. Just for this, the fact that CAT had the guts to not to copy this Apple trend of removing feature and bring on the market à really useful phone makes CAT a respectable company.

  • AnonD-728507

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2018who want this junk. better to buy xiaomi or huawei.Perhaps someone who wants or needs a thermal camera? Or an integrated laser measure (though limited range) and not have to carry another item. Or someone who wants a rugged phone which will survive losing to OP5T, and which could literally smash said Xiaomi and Huawei..... Maybe that person would find this useful.

  • AnonD-640375

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2018who want this junk. better to buy xiaomi or huawei.True Xiaomi offers cheaper thermal cameras and measurement tools


  • Anonymous

who want this junk. better to buy xiaomi or huawei.

  • flirt

Th resolution of the flir camera is very low; like 160x 120. This is normal, it is called the 'thermal resolution'. The mentioned 'HD' resolution is an upscaled image. Flir cameras that have a resolution like 320p cost almost 10K dollars.

Great for adventurers

Now this is the features to put in a $1000 phone.

If it was a standard phone. I'd agree... but it's a RUGGED phone that IS MEANT TO SURVIVE the hardest of terrains and has some crazy components in it. (can you name AT LEAST ONE device that is NOT a rugged phone (like CAT, Kyocera and so on) that has a thermal camera?

  • Anonymous

Balonk0, 22 Feb 2018lol 1kb $ for a stone! i dont need the stone i need a solid mob... moreIt may be a 'stone' to you, but it is a useful device for those who want 'FLIR' capability.

FLIR cameras costs hundreds or thousands (depending on features), so they are charging a premium for this.

It is good for those in building or construction....

  • AnonD-499774

i only wish for 1 thing.,....... to afford the phone.. i really love what am seeing

  • Anonymous

I don't need any of that stuff but I still want it so bad. seems like only phone out there that's actually different from the rest, and not gimmicky different like curved screen or snap-on accessories.