Energizer Power Max P16K Pro smartphone arrives at MWC with 16,000 mAh battery

22 February 2018
It aims to break battery life records left and right.

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  • 7k7
  • 05 Apr 2018

Come dish phone I like

    I really think that Oukitel K10 will have its successor.
    Just for comparison with nevest energizer.

      If they went with top notchspecs with such battery other companies will be left in the dust. Yes 10mm phone is nothing when u have such battery

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        • nV4
        • 24 Feb 2018

        Too bad it only has a mid end processor. This device would be absolute king if it had a high end processor like Snapdragon 835 or hell an 820 at least.

          Anonymous, 24 Feb 2018to be fair it will still beat any other phone on battery li... moreYou are exactly right

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            • 24 Feb 2018

            The Scientist Pigeon, 24 Feb 2018If Energizer considered this point, they would rethink abou... moreto be fair it will still beat any other phone on battery life anyway (and by a long shot thanks to that battery) but there may have been other considerations like the price point for the phone that made them decide on that chipset. All well and good having a huge battery but if no one wants to pay huge for it then they would just have a failing product.

              Anonymous, 24 Feb 2018the mid range processor might be running at full power more... moreIf Energizer considered this point, they would rethink about what they are doing.
              If battery life is the point of making such a phone, why not extend battery life in favor of better performance?

              Power efficiency means less mAh/min. Energizer is all about battery, and if they consider that, they would make something more versatile than just a mid range phone/Huge battery/proper battery life.

              Heavy guns never shoot continuously, so light guns can drift this gap to achieve their goal.

              Spend a bit more time and energy, Harvest twice.

              Big brands have fan base (No need to use such tricks), unknown brands (in specific fields)are feature focused temporary names and will fade away sooner than later.
              R&D is what those less familiar brands lack.

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                • 7tk
                • 24 Feb 2018

                I love how a recent survey on this site showed the majority of voters want better battery life but yet when a company does just that people are still not happy. This kind of phone will appeal to those who depend on battery life for work ect and are usually not worried about if it can play the latest games.

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                  • 24 Feb 2018

                  The Scientist Pigeon, 23 Feb 2018There are evidence of more hype instead of actual power eff... morethe mid range processor might be running at full power more often and high end won't be so it uses less power

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                    • 24 Feb 2018

                    AnonD-456831, 23 Feb 2018pretty much lol. You can run a pc off that battery lol

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                      • 23 Feb 2018

                      Anonymous, 23 Feb 2018Yea. "Oh i can't dig bitcoins with it, it needs at least co... morepretty much lol.

                        NichtsGemacht, 23 Feb 2018The problem is that there are not any SD835 phones with tha... moreUnfortunately, you are right and I asked Energizer:
                        If you wanted to do something, do it perfectly.
                        If Energizer's goal is battery life, Helio P25 is not the correct choice.

                        Low end and mid range category is still cost effective, so customers are not aware of Huge Capacity, as tasks done by those categories are not in class of high ends.

                        An instance:

                        "Gear Club" is what Flagships can run, and the game drain battery badly.
                        "Fast Charging" is a word for Upper mid range to high end SoC in handsets.
                        "120Hz" is a capability to perform games and some apps better in certain conditions which ends up in worst possible battery life for a big 4000mAh.

                        There are real need for power.
                        Energizer has nothing relevant in such combination.
                        Meizu Pro 7 Standard edition = FHD + HP25 = Crawling frame rate after almost 1 hour of heavy loaded graphic games and presentations.
                        Meizu Pro 7 High edition = FHD + HX30 = Never drop any frame or freeze in gaming and presentations full of 3D loaded scenes.

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                          • NichtsGemacht
                          • K3e
                          • 23 Feb 2018

                          The Scientist Pigeon, 23 Feb 2018There are evidence of more hype instead of actual power eff... moreThe problem is that there are not any SD835 phones with that amount of battery... yet

                            There are evidence of more hype instead of actual power efficient product:

                            Gaming time is considered here, as gaming time is the continuous overload of the resources, which 1 hour of 3D gaming is equal to +1 hour in doing other tasks.

                            "Android specific scenario"

                            HD + MT6735 + 6020mAh = Gionee Marathon M5 08:48H continuous Gaming

                            QHD + SD820 + 4000mAh = Samsung Galaxy S7 Active 06:58 continuous Gaming

                            QHD + SD835 + 2730mAh = Motorola Moto Z2 Force 06:07 continuous Gaming

                            HD + MT6753 + 3000mAh = Meizu M5s (Poorly optimized) 02:48H continuous Gaming

                            HD + E7870 + 3000mAh = Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) 06:12H continuous Gaming

                            Now let's compare:

                            FHD + SD625 + 4000mAh = BlackBerry Motion 05:00H continuous Gaming

                            FHD + SD653 + 4000mAh = Oppo F3 Plus 05:41H continuous Gaming

                            So, Which SoC is more power efficient?

                            As Helio P25 is the overclocked version of HP20, it will sit in the following range:

                            FHD + HP20 + 2700 = Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra 03:23H continuous Gaming

                            13mAh/min can be a fair optimization for Helio P25


                            Regarding heat is a potential aspect of battery drain, for mathematical purpose, it is ommited.

                            16000/780 = 20:31H

                            With FHD, HP25, 16000mAh = 20:31H
                            instead of Helio P25:

                            Lenovo P2 = FHD, SD625, 16000mAh = 24:14H (20:31H = 13500mAh)

                            OnePlus 5 = FHD, SD835, 16000mAh = 29:38H (20:31H = 11000mAh)

                            Finally, which one do you prefer?

                            A Mid-Range 16000mAh smartphone (The Energizer) for 20:31 hour or
                            A High-End 16000mAh smartphone (With SD835) for 29:30 hour?

                            Pioneer, but not so impressive.

                              lava soft, 23 Feb 2018unless it has 5 times battery rating of a normal phone, the... morethat's the issue, unless we find a review of that phone AFTER this phone is announced and released to the public, We cannot know if it's legit or someone probably added a 1 to the mix.

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                                • lava soft
                                • srr
                                • 23 Feb 2018

                                unless it has 5 times battery rating of a normal phone, the mAh stated is fake. remember pmpo speakers?

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                                  • tEZ
                                  • 23 Feb 2018

                                  Ridiculous, 16K mAh battery is wasted by the Mediatek. They should've use SD630 instead, or at least SD625 for that matter

                                    To say something just regarding the battery, needless to say that it is simply fantastic and even more. Additionally, hopefully Samsung (& D others 2) will at least take a fragment of inspiration from it and so by increasing marginally the battery of next year's S10, haha (even just the smallest inspiration AT LEAST).

                                      AnonD-724175, 23 Feb 2018WTF !!!explain your surprise please...?

                                        Battery level at 20%, oh darn, I only have 2 days left.