alcatel 3-series phones unveiled: sub-€200 price tag for 18:9 screens and dual cameras

24 February 2018
In total the company showed three devices: alcatel 3V, alcatel 3X and alcatel 3.

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Crappy overpriced phones.

Strange! The 3V has been on sale here in Riyadh for a couple of weeks now and until today I was wondering why it was absent from Alcatel's GSMArena page. It's confusing when phonemakers release new models for sale long before they actually announce them. Here the 3V costs SR629 or about $168.

Alcatel make some of the most interesting midrange phones

3V is around 15k INR! OMG! Please never launch it in India because not even a single buyer would buy this thing! Note 5 Pro is way to go in the same price.

For 3V, it must be 3000 mAh battery, not 300 mAh... right?