Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ go on pre-order in Russia ahead of schedule

25 February 2018
The overeager shop also confirmed the shipping date for the still-unofficial flagships.

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  • red

Jacky, 25 Feb 2018No phone is worth more than 500$. NO IPhone, No Samsung, No... morenext huawei flagship will be with higher price tag ;)
I like s9 and I will buy it, no metter 740 eur or 850 eur
Cheap and laggy xiaomi will be second phone for work

Ugh... guys this is the Russian pricing. Go look for iPhone X pricing here and you'll see its not that expensive, 1390$ only.

Still much more cheaper than iphone X in Russia!
iphone X costs 80k rubles
new s9 just 60k

  • Jacky

No phone is worth more than 500$. NO IPhone, No Samsung, No LG, No Nokia No Xiaomi... NO ONE!
It's time to understand that people want flagship phones but at a price that is reasonable.
It's time to take your example and copy companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO ext. with their aggressive pricing and excellent specs and NOT IPhone with the 1000+$ ridiculous pricing!!!

  • Anonymous

Yes, sell those "reimagined" phones for that price and people might actually reimagine to buy an iphone instead! Good work sammy!

Samsung: wow apple can sell those iPhone XÂ’s with that price...
Why not lets do it? Since people are willing to pay with rhw
At price...

  • AnonD-511284

A litte spec leak of new cpu samsung s9

Thanks that nowadays midrange phones have been better than a flagship 3 years ago. No need to rush buying the flagship or I'll get last year flagship instead as the improvement is negligible.

  • Anonymous

$1065 & $1195 is too expensiveliusely actually -_-

  • Ahmed

Apple made the $1000 mark official . Now all brands will release their flagships above that . A bad trend indeed .

This year iPhone.

X2 5” 999 $
X2 5.8 1299 $
X2 6.1 1499 $

Samsung will eventually release Galaxy X as replacement for S series (the 10 match the X romanian, tho), and here we go againg, pricier than ever. Because why not.

That's lots of money. Oh Samsung, what have you done? :( I am a fan, don't disappoint.